Trains Running between Kolkata Howrah Junction(HWH) & New Delhi(NDLS) Railway Stations

There are approximately 9 trains that are operational between Kolkata Howrah Junction & New Delhi railway stations. Howrah - New Delhi Sf Special is the fastest train with a total journey time of 1 hrs 10 mins. The train departs from Kolkata Howrah Junction at 17:10 and reaches New Delhi at 18:20. It is operational on all days of the week. Check out the table below to find information on all the trains between these two stations.

Train Details & Schedule

Train Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Poorva Express (12303)
Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time
08:05 07:20 23:15 hrs
Days of Run
Poorva Express (12381)
Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time
08:15 07:20 23:05 hrs
Days of Run
U Abhatoofan Ex (13007)
Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time
09:35 19:40 10:05 hrs
Days of Run
All days of the week
Hwh Ndls Duront (12273)
Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time
12:50 06:05 17:15 hrs
Days of Run
Kolkata Rjdhni (12305)
Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time
14:05 09:55 19:50 hrs
Days of Run
Train Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Kolkata Rajdhni (12301)
Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time
16:55 09:55 17:00 hrs
Days of Run
Howrah - New Delhi Sf Special (04007)
Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time
17:10 18:20 1:10 hrs
Days of Run
Hwh Ndls Yuva E (12249)
Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time
18:40 11:25 16:45 hrs
Days of Run
Hwh Ndls Expres (12323)
Departure (HWH) Arrival (NDLS) Journey Time
18:50 17:00 22:10 hrs
Days of Run

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Reviews for Kolkata Howrah Junction to New Delhi

5 Reviews | 4093 Readers
Route: Kolkata to Agra

"Marvelous performance of Indian railways !"


Posted 9 April, 2016

Oh, what a beautiful experience! No disturbance of hawkers, beggars, and above all, unauthorized passengers. Neat & clean compartments and toilets. The train was running before time. We slept peacefully, without thinking of the security of our life and luggage. The IRCTC staff, attendant were very courteous. The food given in the train were superb, services were beyond any question. Thank you, Indian Rail, once again. Keep it up, and please try to give us the same experience, especially the security and Hawker-Beggar-Bag-lifter and Unauthorized passengers free Journey in all other trains.

6 Reviews | 2867 Readers
Route: Kolkata to New Delhi

"The Kolkata Rajdhani - The star of Eastern Railway"


Posted 17 March, 2016

The Kolkata Rajdhani is the undisputed king of the ER and probably second only to the Bombay Central - New Delhi Rajdhani in terms of reputation. I have travelled many times on this route and on this train. The service and train timings are usually impeccable. You are served evening snacks and tea upon boarding. Soup and breadsticks are served after Dhanbad/Parasnath followed by dinner and ice cream. Morning involves bed tea and a good wholesome breakfast followed by an optional serving of tea. The train usually maintain impeccable timing, reaching New Delhi by 10AM. If delayed, it is usually the Mughalsarai-Allahabad stretch that is to blame. Overall, I recommend this again and again.

3 Reviews | 503 Readers
Route: Kolkata to Delhi

"The train coaches were quite clean"


Posted 4 January, 2016

We went to Delhi by duronto express on 24 th dec at 1:00 pm. The train was late by 15 min. We got the reservation. The train coaches were quite clean. But the toilets were too dirty. The food was not good enough. But the overall experience was quite good.

3 Reviews | 944 Readers
Route: Kolkata to Delhi

"Not a very good train"


Posted 25 December, 2015

Not a very good train. Takes longer time than others but fare is cheap. Also the meal and other parts are not upto mark. But for a medium budget travel its good and well enough. People may take the rajdhani express for the travel with a good comfort. But its upto the choice of the passengers.

Live in Delhi | 4 Reviews | 733 Readers
Route: Kolkata to New Delhi

"A good experience"


Posted 5 November, 2015

The travel experience with my family is most enjoyable with a short time travelling, the train run fast like rajdhani. It has 5 stations, such as asansol, kanpur, allahabad,howrah, and new delhi etc. The train arrived with its right time of arrival time. Finally the journey with my family is a good experience.

1 Reviews | 526 Readers
Route: Kolkata to New Delhi

"An excellent train journey"


Posted 28 October, 2015

Poorva Express should be your 1st choice when it comes to travelling to the capital of India. The train's service is among the best I've ever experienced. We travelled in AC III with my family and it was a good experience. There were good security arrangements in the train with RPF personnel patrolling the coaches every half an hour. This train does not provide unnecessary stoppages at all stations. Moreover you would get to experience the super deluxe LHB coaches used for Rajdhani Express. (Yes, Poorva Express too uses these LHB coaches). I must say the toilets are really clean. The cleaning was done every one hour or so and needless to say there was no water problem unlike other trains. The food was good, but the salt was a little less.

Live in Mumbai | 13 Reviews | 11531 Readers
Route: Kolkata to New Delhi

"A scenic route"


Posted 14 October, 2015

When you do not get Tatkal tickets you get Premium Tatkal tickets. I got the same a day before travelling. Thankfully I got. The journey was good. Same food. Similar to Duronto. 12301 Rajdhani is via Gaya. A scenic route. The train leaves at 4.55pm from Howrah and next day at 10am you are in NDLS. Though this was around 30 minutes late. This was January, 2015. Remember all North India bound trains suffer along this time due to heavy fog. I was lucky that way. :)

3 Reviews | 1393 Readers
Route: Howrah to Delhi

"Beautiful journey on a super-fast train!"


Posted 26 July, 2015

Nothing can beat the experience of travelling in a Rajdhani! The excellent ambiance, the speed, the thrill, the excitement and the food is too good to miss! Though the fares are expensive, but if you have a budget for the flight, and if you can afford to spend time on the rails, never miss it!

11 Reviews | 8146 Readers
Route: Kolkata to New Delhi

"Had a good comfortable travel and amazing view "


Posted 5 July, 2015

Boarded the train in the afternoon but travelled with lots of luggage as I was on transfer in the fag end of my working professional career. Which was not desirable but had to do it out of compulsion. Had a major operation but had to travel out of my comfort zone. Some of the views were truly amazing but the food was awesome the comfort very good in first A/c compartment with my life partner. Only that the compartment was the last compartment and always was out of any platform and rocked like mad when the train travelled at fast speed. No one disturbed, food was clean hygienic wash rooms very neat and clean. The refreshments were quite good for vegetarian people. Bedding provided. The Station of our Rajdhani New Delhi was very disappointing as we had to climb stairs which were really very high and had to walk lots about for 15 min. I almost got lost in the parking lot with the coolies and the people who came to help us as drivers etc. DO NOT: Please do not tryst people at Delhi they are not trust worthy I cannot trust any auto driver or taxi driver be careful of your belongings and they do not keep their word or promise. They mention of 400 rs as fare but loot you of Rs 600 this is common in Delhi auto fares are exorbitant if you can reach in 70 rs they overcharge you for 100 rs and refusal of passengers is rampant. Visit Chattarpur Katayani Mata mandir, Kutub Minar, India Gate Dilli Haat, Haus Village. You could visit all markets likeINA (Expensive) sarojini nagar market(OK), karol bagh. This is the best market i loved the stuff here at Karol Bagh both on the foot path and the branded shops are best. But you could travel by auto or metro. Metro are neat clean and they are efficient. Autos are v v costly. You could go to Gurgaon and Noida use the metro but try to do some google study before you leave. Be careful of your money and your belongings you may not get to sit its quite crowded but still okay. Food and living in Delhi is exhorbitant so are the room rents. Try to stay at Oyo rooms books them only and they are good.

11 Reviews | 5190 Readers
Route: Kolkata to Jaipur

"Train journey offers delicious food"


Posted 6 March, 2015

The train is always on time but due to fog sometimes it may get delay. And for train seating nothing to say. Rajdhani means the deluxe train. They provide good food and for vada paw I can say you must try the vada paw of food plaza at Howrah station. The toilets are also well-cleaned with handshoap available. And at Bhubaneswar junction you must try the biriyani.

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