Trains Running between New Delhi(NDLS) & Chennai Central(MAS) Railway Stations

There are approximately 3 trains that are operational between New Delhi & Chennai Central railway stations. Tamil Nadu Express is the fastest train with a total journey time of 8 hrs 45 mins. The train departs from New Delhi at 22:30 and reaches Chennai Central at 07:15. It is operational on all days of the week. Check out the table below to find information on all the trains between these two stations.

Train Details & Schedule

Train Departure (NDLS) Arrival (MAS) Journey Time Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
G T Express (12616)
Departure (NDLS) Arrival (MAS) Journey Time
18:40 06:15 11:35 hrs
Days of Run
All days of the week
Tamil Nadu Express (12622)
Departure (NDLS) Arrival (MAS) Journey Time
22:30 07:15 8:45 hrs
Days of Run
All days of the week
Andaman Express (16032)
Departure (NDLS) Arrival (MAS) Journey Time
14:30 10:10 19:40 hrs
Days of Run

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Reviews for New Delhi to Chennai Central

2 Reviews | 1596 Readers
Route: Sangrur to Coimbatore

"A good journey"


Posted 17 February, 2016

Yaa, it was very good experience by Rajdhani Express, only problem is that in the last the workers & attendants of train require & ask for money to give them this I think should be dealt with by the railways that nobody attendants & workers should ask for money to give them it is bad habbit I suffered a lot for this overall good experience & nice to have travelling on rajdhani express train.

4 Reviews | 3597 Readers
Route: Delhi to Pondicherry

"A pleasant journey"


Posted 6 February, 2015

We travelled in 2nd A/C and it was very quiet and it was a long journey in train and we crossed so many caves and it was amazing, it was new enjoyment for us and in morning the cultivation looks wonder. The journey in train had no any disturbance like vibration and all.

1 Reviews | 6885 Readers
Route: Delhi to Chennai

"Clean train but problem was pantry car was not frequent"


Posted 20 November, 2014

Journey to Chennai was fantastic. The train was so clean. Pantry car of the train was superb. I would recommend to journey with this train. Train was so clean but the problem was only that service of pantry car was not frequent. I will like to go again to Chennai.

4 Reviews | 9223 Readers
Route: New Delhi to Chennai

"Good train with nice halt stations"


Posted 12 October, 2014

It is the only superfast train taking minimum time to reach Chennai i.e, 32 hours as compared to Rajdhani, Duraanto and Garibrath. The coaches were okay, charging was a very big problem. But the train had halts at big stations. I enjoyed the journey.

1 Reviews | 3241 Readers
Route: New Delhi to Chennai

"New Delhi to Chennai by train"


Posted 26 September, 2014

We had complete masti in the train. Ate lot’s of South Indian dishes such as dosa, vada pav, delighted by coconut water and its makhan. Teachers took good care of our security. No one has lost even a single penny on the whole journey

7 Reviews | 7975 Readers
Route: New Delhi to Chennai

"Bad food and dirty toilets! "


Posted 27 February, 2014

I travelled from New Delhi to Chennai by Rajdhani express in Jan 2014. It is a shame that Indian Railways despite charging the passengers, serves them sub-standard food during the journey. The menu is old and boring as ever. Raw bread for breakfast, vanilla ice cream at lunch, and third-class paneer subzi for dinner. It appears that some caterer has a monopoly, and the tender process is hijacked to ward off competition. Passengers suffer the consequences of mismanagement.\r\n\r\nIt is a 28 hour journey, and certainly the menu needs a make-over. A couple of bananas for breakfast, chocolate ice cream at lunch, fried green vegetables for dinner; am I asking too much? Clean toilets are a distant dream!\r\n\r\n

13 Reviews | 15533 Readers
Route: Jaipur to Kodaikanal

"Beautiful Journey by train "


Posted 8 November, 2013

From Jaipur to Delhi by Intercity. Delhi to Chennai by Grant Trunk (GT) Express. GT express was a good train always in time. Chennai Egmore to Rameshwaram by Train No. 16713. Rameshwaram Express arrived at Rameshwaram 4:45 in the morning. We visited Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram to Madurai by train No. 2262. Visited Madurai. Madurai to Nagarcoil by Train No. 16127. However, it is good to take train in the morning so that reach Kape in the day time. Nagarcoil to KK. Stayed in the Hotel Tamilnadu. Nagarcoil to Coimbatore by Train No16609. Coimbatore Exp.reached at 7:20 in the morning. Coimbatore to Palani and Palani to Kodaikanal by bus. Palani to Kodaikanal journey was very interesting. Beautiful valley scenery. Reached at Koidaikanal. Kodaikanal bus stand was very clean and well maintained. There were clean toilets. However, there were no one on the inquiry window. Food in the train was mainly rice and dal.

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