Trains Running between New Delhi(NDLS) & Kalka(KLK) Railway Stations

There are approximately 6 trains that are operational between New Delhi & Kalka railway stations. Kalka Shtbdi is the fastest train with a total journey time of 4 hrs 05 mins. The train departs from New Delhi at 17:15 and reaches Kalka at 21:20. It is operational on all days of the week. Check out the table below to find information on all the trains between these two stations.

Train Details & Schedule

Train Departure (NDLS) Arrival (KLK) Journey Time Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Himalyan Queen (4095)
Departure (NDLS) Arrival (KLK) Journey Time
05:40 11:10 5:30 hrs
Days of Run
All days of the week
Kalka Shtbdi (12011)
Departure (NDLS) Arrival (KLK) Journey Time
07:40 11:45 4:05 hrs
Days of Run
All days of the week
Snsi Klk Sup Ex (22455)
Departure (NDLS) Arrival (KLK) Journey Time
07:50 12:30 4:40 hrs
Days of Run
Paschim Express (12925)
Departure (NDLS) Arrival (KLK) Journey Time
11:05 16:45 5:40 hrs
Days of Run
All days of the week
Kalka Shtbdi (12005)
Departure (NDLS) Arrival (KLK) Journey Time
17:15 21:20 4:05 hrs
Days of Run
All days of the week
Train Departure (NDLS) Arrival (KLK) Journey Time Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
U A Toofan Exp (13008)
Departure (NDLS) Arrival (KLK) Journey Time
07:00 05:50 22:50 hrs
Days of Run
All days of the week

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Reviews for New Delhi to Kalka

3 Reviews | 9441 Readers
Route: New Delhi to Kasauli

"Amazing 6 hours journey "


Posted 18 January, 2017

Its an amazing 6 hours journey from Delhi to Kalka and then from Kalka. The train was on time and very nice. The food was also good inside the train, but only one thing I don't like about that, the food staff inside the train asking for Tip for no reason and they are shameless people standing in your head till the time you refuse to give or give them a good amount of money. That's shameless and they make you feel awkward. From Kalka station we got Taxi from outside station. The station taxis are over priced.

3 Reviews | 26411 Readers
Route: Delhi to Chail

"A refreshing journey "


Posted 13 November, 2015

It was good to travel by train from NDLS to Kalka after that we have taken cab to cross to border and stayed in a hotel for a night. then we have moved to Chail next morning. It will be a refreshing journey and you can avoid the risky travelling at night.

1 Reviews | 52798 Readers
Route: Delhi to Manali

"A comfortable journey"


Posted 28 October, 2015

My train was on time and I reached the station on time. I travelled by AC two tier and I slept quite comfortably in the train. Toilets were clean and the co-passengers were good. I saw the whole of Manali. I am visiting Shimla and Manali for honeymoon trip between 24th to 30th Nov. Below is the plan 23rd Reaching Delhi at Night, starting to Agra via trian. Visiting Taj Mahal on 24th, taking train from Tundla on 24th 4.30pm. 25th - Reaching Kalka at 4.30am Morning. Taking Toy Train and reaching Shimla. Booked Hotel Kapil, taking rest and local shopping in the evening. 26th - Shimla Local Sightseeing through HPTDC, 27th - Shimla Local Sightseeing through HPTDC, Evening 8.20pm, starting to Manali through HRTC. 28th - Reaching Manali early morning. Local Site Seeing through HPTDC 29th - Local Site Seeing through HPTDC 30th - Local Shopping, evening starting to Delhi.

9 Reviews | 45560 Readers
Route: Gurgaon to Shimla

"Memorable journey through green fields & mountains"


Posted 15 October, 2015

The journey is memorable. As you leave Delhi, one can see the green fields of Haryana and Punjab. The train passes through famous places like Panipat, Kurukshetra, Ambala & Chandigarh which have distinct place in the Indian history. After reaching Kalka station, one has to board Kalka-Shimla Toy Train for a joyful & Memorable ride through Tunnels,Valleys, Layered Bridges & Peak View points. Overall, this journey offers different perspective of the train journey.

Live in Delhi | 126 Reviews | 56442 Readers
Route: Delhi to Shimla

"A good train to travel "


Posted 9 September, 2015

Shtbdi is best option to go to Shimla, Train go upto Kalka, from there I have taken cab to reach Shimla, which is approx 90km from kalka station. We reached here in 4.5 hr from kalka. Train take very less time than bus. Food is also good in train, Train is in time. Toilet is also clean. Staff are also very good and well dressed.

3 Reviews | 21690 Readers
Route: Delhi to Shimla

"Good train journey and excellent choice "


Posted 8 August, 2015

Our travel experience through Kalka Shatabdi was good. We did not realise how the 6 hrs in the train went off smoothly. You obviously need a good group to enjoy the journey. Once you reach Kalka you have option to take the toy train or a cab. I would prefer cab as train is quite crowded and and take more time than a cab.

569 Reviews | 382538 Readers
Route: Baroda (Vadodara) to Shimla

"A good journey "


Posted 5 August, 2015

We first went to Baroda to Delhi and then after night 10 pm we took Kalka train. This train is very good for going Delhi to Kalka. We reached there 6 am on second day. We got first class Toy Train ticket from Kalka to Shimla. The train leaves 7 am and reached Shimla at 11 am. In Toy train all facilities are available like drinking water, breakfast and tea/coffee. It is very enjoyable train. My kids were very happy.

3 Reviews | 53900 Readers
Route: Delhi to Kasauli

"Enjoyable journey with average quality food and soft drinks "


Posted 31 July, 2015

The journey with Satbdi Express is so enjoyable with average quality food and soft drinks. From Kalka you easily get a share taxi or hired taxi for Kasauli. You can enjoy your road journey through mountains. It take almost one hour to reach from Kalka to Kasauli. You will enjoy your drive.

4 Reviews | 33738 Readers
Route: Kolkata to Shimla

"Awesome experience by Shatabdi Express "


Posted 25 July, 2015

Travelling in a speeding train above 120 kmph was a thrilling experience. Food provided in train was good. Train seat space also is spacious. Arrived at Kalka on time. Toilets were clean and green toilet. New coaches are too good having no vibrations and noise.

Live in Delhi | 3 Reviews | 35434 Readers
Route: New Delhi to Shimla

"Good option when a few more destinations are added in the tour "


Posted 5 July, 2015

We were a bunch of youngsters, set out to enjoy our new year in Himachal Pradesh. Our journey started from New Delhi, on a train. The journey was as usual, but because we were a group, we did a lot of masti. :P We reached Kalka in the morning. Surprisingly, the train was on correct time. This was because tourists need to board Toy Train for Shimla. Since it was winter, hence the weather was too chilly. We hadn't booked toy train tickets beforehand. This was a major mistake. A huge queue was gathered for the tickets. Finally we had no choice but to book a cab. If you are planning for this destination, it is advised to book Toy Train tickets online. :) But, the cab ride was much interesting too. We experienced a beautiful and mesmerizing view of nature. The scenery was awesome. There was no snow in Shimla at that time. We booked Hotel Gulmohar. And it is again much advised to book Hotels before the trip. It lessens the hassle and also you will pay lesser price online. The hotel was excellent with good service. The temperature was almost 0 degrees there. Hence, room service used to make tea outside of our room only, other wise it will cool off by the time the tea reaches us. :P We were advised to turn on the Geysers 3 hours before bathing. But bathing was an impossible thing. But we did the impossible. Our tour started with the Mall road. The crowd was excellent. You can't do much shopping there, but fruits. The brands you find there are everywhere, so it hardly matters. Advisable places to visit: Mall Road Church, Hanuman Temple. Mall Road church is a walking distance destination. But for Hanuman Mandir, you need to board a shared taxi which takes 10-20 rupees per person per side. You would find a lot of monkeys, so don't carry any eatables openly in your hands. We went for the new year's eve, hence there were a lot of parties organized in clubs. We found a good one and got a huge discount afterwards for being the party poppers in the eve. :P The next day, there was a live band organized near the church square. It was awesome. We decided to go to Kufri. We took a cab ride and it took about 1. 5 hours for us to reach as there was ice on the roads. The weather forecasting declared it would snow. We were very excited. But the cabs won't take you to Kufri, but to a intermediate destination, where you can take a ride on Mules (hybrids of donkeys and horses) Because there are no roads for cars. The mule owners would ask for a huge amount but generally they settle for 150 per person. This ride is adventurous in it's own way. The mules walk at the edge of the roads, which terrifies at some points. We saw snow when we reached there. There were several adventure spots with economical packages. But you can again bargain with them. We made a huge snow man. Our hands and legs turned blue due to snow and ice. We enjoyed a lot. Returning to out hotel, the journey was coming to the end. We were lucky to get tickets of toy train this time. The train experience was awesome and it's a must experiencing ride. :) The train runs at a speed of an average of 20 kmph. So you can get down any time. But it is not advised. :P Risky enough. This was my trip and I enjoyed a lot. Hope my review helps! :)

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