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A beautiful fort overlooking the lake

A beautiful fort overlooking the lake  Video Review

Govindgarh Fort

Karandeep Kapany
7th Nov 16

Dau Ki Kothi in Orchha

Dau Ki Kothi in Orchha  Video Review

Dao Ki Kothi

Rituraj Tomar
13th Dec 17

Beautiful temple

Beautiful temple  Video Review

Lakshmana Temple

Shashank Agarwal
7th Oct 17

Ok attraction

Ok attraction  Video Review

Pandava Caves

Akshaya Patil
18th Sep 17

Raneh water

Raneh water  Video Review

Raneh Falls

Vipin Soni
6th Aug 17


Beautiful  Video Review

Raneh Falls

Vipin Soni
6th Aug 17

One of the most beautiful falls of India

One of the most beautiful falls of India  Video Review

Purwa Falls

Vermaavedhesh verma
23rd Apr 17

India's Grand Canyon

India's Grand Canyon  Video Review

Raneh Falls

Mohit Grover
28th Dec 16

Devi Jagdambi Temple (Part of Western Group of Temples)

Devi Jagdambi Temple (Part of Western Group of Temples)  Video Review

Devi Jagdambi Temple

Mohit Grover
10th Nov 16

Jagdambi Devi temple

Jagdambi Devi temple  Video Review

Devi Jagdambi Temple

Karandeep Kapany
9th Nov 16

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1Lakshmi Sharath: "Colours of Rewa, still can't get over the town"
Lakshmi Sharath: "Colours of Rewa, still can't get over the town"

Lakshmi Sharath

Neelima Vallangi, the other top reviewerposts, "Most of us would associate Madhya Pradesh with its tigers, national parks, Mowgli and Jungle Book. I know I did, for a very long time. Then I found out about Bundelkhand, remnants of its glorious past littered generously across the state in the form of quaint towns and forgotten monuments."

Neelima Vallangi 

Mahesh Suthar, one of the top reviewer, says, “I find it hard to believe that a place of such repertoire and legacy doesn't even exist on the internet. Madhya Pradesh is a gold mine full of unexplored beauty."

Mahesh Suthar

Mahesh Suthar

Neelima Vallangi says, "These are the tattered ruins of Rewa dynasty's Govindgarh Fort built in the 19th century. Few kilometers from here we the have resolute temples of Khajuraho built in the *freaking* 10th century! Ever wondered which building of our time might last so long? Lotus Temple? Burj Khalifa? Or is it that we do not want our constructions to last so long anymore?"

Mahesh Suthar

She continues to express her feeling, "We visited few sites that were in varying states of dilapidation but were holding plenty of untold stories. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a guide around who could tell us these stories that have now become secrets. It’s in a pretty sorry state right now but @MPTourism is now looking to promote this region and if it does, I can see great potential here. This is why I always say, all its flaws notwithstanding, there’s never a dull moment while travelling in Incredible India!"

Mahesh Suthar


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2Ujjain: Application of colour on Lord shiva
Ujjain: Application of colour on Lord shiva

Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh is an ancient city and holds great historical importance. The celebration of Holi every year is started off with applying colours to Lord Shiva. After which, the forum of Holi is open for the locals. 

Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (IDR) at Indore is the nearest airport to Ujjain, 55 km away. Indore is connected to major cities in India by air. It has direct air connectivity with New Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Raipur and Ahmedabad.

HolidayIQ reviewer Vishnu says, "Since the visiting day March 1st was Rang Panchami day of Holi celebrations, the city, the people and the places were vivid in different colours. The celebrating people sprayed colours on everybody in support of the festivities. Really, the Ujjain trip was a new experience."


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3The best ways to explore Khajuraho
The best ways to explore Khajuraho

The temples are grouped into three geographical divisions: western, eastern and southern.

The best way to explore:  An audio-guided tour developed by the Archaeological Survey of India which includes a narration of the temple history and architecture.

The Khajuraho temple complex offers a light and sound show every evening. The first show is in English language and the second one in Hindi. It is held in the open lawns in the temple complex and has received mixed reviews.

The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development has set up kiosks at the Khajuraho railway station, with tourist officers to provide information for Khajuraho visitors.

You can also visit: The Khajuraho Dance Festival, held every year in February. It features various classical Indian dances set against the backdrop of the Chitragupta or Vishwanath Temple.

Mahesh Suthar records some of the conversation they had with the guide:

Lakshmi Sharath gives us a tour of the Lakshman temple:


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4The Raneh Falls and it's serenity overwhelmed the travellers
The Raneh Falls and it's serenity overwhelmed the travellers

Ruby's Instagram post said, "Our own Grand Canyon at Raneh Falls in Panna, Madhya Pradesh. The place has five different kinds of rocks which cannot be found together anywhere in Asia. Love the shades of red, black, gray and green."

Hrish Thota quietly steals a chance to ponder by himself in the serenity of the moment, "Mesmerized at the rock formations in Raneh falls."

Hrish Thota

Lakshmi Sharath was captivated by the view of the place and shares on Instagram, "Sometimes you want to pause in your journey and just sit and stare at the landscape around you. I am in our very own desi canyon, in Madhya Pradesh near Khajuraho. The Raneh falls formed by the Ken River cascades in this canyon formed by volcanic rocks. It is a riot of colours here. I wish I could have lingered on here for a while."

The excitement shows in Neelima Vallangi's words as she posts on Twitter, "They call it Grand Canyon of India. I'm slightly inclined to agree."

Neelima Vallangi


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5Parsili: Home to exotic animals at Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve
Parsili: Home to exotic animals at Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve

Parsili sits in the lap of luxurious Sal forests and is located on the bank of Banas River. It is located in Majhauli Tehsil of Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh. Situated 20km away from sub-district headquarter Majhauli, it is also 60km away from district headquarter Sidhi.

The place is predominantly known for the Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve which sports a large variety of animals, namely, the Indian Pitta, rufus-treepie, sambhar, the spotted deer, tiger, civet and birds like racket-tailed drongos.

Things to do: Take a Jungle Safari go for a day camping at Banas River, go for the nature trek or go for the village tour.


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Mohan Jitpure

Mohan Jitpure4.3/5

128 reviews

Madhya Pradesh is the Heart of India

Madhya Pradesh is second largest state after Rajasthan by geographically situated in center of India that's why it called heart of India, geographically it is not plain and have mountain and hills, in southern side Betul Chhindwara Khandwa Bhurhanpur situated and Northern side Gwalior Bhind Murena, eastern side Shahdol Anuppur abd Rewa Sidhi and Western side Indore Ujjain Ratlam situated, MP have many old forts like Rajwada of Indore, fort of Gwalior, Fort of Rewa, Madan Mahala in Jabalpur and Big Zama Madzid of Bhopal, also known for the origin of Narmada, Son, Tapti, Chambal, Chipra rivers from M P also have big religious place Like Mahakareshwar Temple in Ujjain, Omkareshwar Temple in Omkareswar, Mandleswar, Maheshwar, Amarkantak, Maihar, Chitrakoot, Bhedaghat Dhuadhar of Jabalpur, Balajipuram in Betul, Pasupatinath Temple in Mandsaur, Panchmarhi pilgrimage Charyagarh, Jatasankar, Dhoopgarh, Pandava caves so we can say religious, adventurous as well as hilly stations all type palace are there. The capital of Madhya Pradesh is Bhopal and economic capital is Indore, Indore is big city of MP from long time it have famous city for tourist so come enjoy all type of station here.

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Rashmi bansal

Rashmi bansal

1 review

The Heart of Incredible India

Madhya Pradesh is one of my favourite destinations. It requires multiple trips because of its vastness. This time we covered Pachmarhi, Kanha and Pench. Pachmarhi is a lovely pkace full of mythology and history. Both Kanha and Pench are national parks full of sightings. We saw many animals besides tigers and we are very interested in the flora of forests too. It was a memorable trip.

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Madhya Pradesh Overview

Madhya Pradesh, situated in the centre of India, is often called the heart of India. It is surrounded by Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The state has two hill ranges Vindhya and Satpura that have traditionally served as boundary markers between north and south India. It also has a number of rivers, such as Narmada, Tapti, Chambal, Betwa, Ken, which make it agriculturally fertile. Narmada, which runs between the two hill ranges, is the most important river and is worshipped locally as a goddess.   These natural features have created a landscape of plateaus, river valleys, hills, and forests, but mostly the state can be seen as plateau land with low hills. The weather is largely warm and dry, and almost unbearably hot during summers. MP is a primarily rural and its largely tribal economy runs on agriculture and forest-produce; but there are also urban centres such as Bhopal, Indore and Gwalior. These cities, in addition to Khajuraho and Jabalpur, have domestic airports.   For the visitor, this large state can be understood in four parts: central, with Bhopal town as the base; northern, with Gwalior as base; eastern with Jabalpur as base; and western, with Indore as base. Madhya Pradesh has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the 9th-10th century temples at Khajuraho known for their erotic carvings (reachable from Gwalior); remains of the 3rdcentury BC - 7thcentury AD Buddhist settlement at Sanchi; and cave paintings dating to 8000 BC at Bhimbetka (both reachable from Bhopal).   The capital, Bhopal is a former princely state, a small city celebrated for its mosques and palaces, old-town ambience, and refined Urdu language. The hill-citadel of Mandu (near Indore) is renowned for its ruins set in greenery, especially after monsoons. Ujjain is a holy city for the Hindus and hosts the Kumbh Mela, attracting millions of pilgrims, every 12 years.   The scenic sanctuaries of Kanha (the setting for Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book) and Bandhavgarh National Parks are mostly savannah grassland terrains that have tigers and elephants as prime attractions. These are reachable from Jabalpur.  

Photos of Madhya Pradesh

Patalkot-Tamiya, Madhya Pradesh

Photo by

Manoj+kumar Ray

Patalkot-Tamiya, Madhya Pradesh
Patalkot-Tamiya, Madhya Pradesh

Photo by

Manoj+kumar Ray

Patalkot-Tamiya, Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

Photo by

Manoj kumar

Lord Hanuman approximately 40-45m in height..
Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

Photo by

Manoj kumar

Lord Hanuman approximately 40-45m in height..

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