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Sightseeing Aizawl

Sightseeing Aizawl  Video Review

Durtlang Hills

Rajat Ghosh
27th Dec 16

Aizawl Sightseeing

Aizawl Sightseeing  Video Review

Solomon's Temple

Rajat Ghosh
27th Dec 16

Sunset Point

Sunset Point  Video Review

Durtlang Hills

Rajat Ghosh
27th Dec 16

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Reasons to go to Mizoram

1Backpacking Through North-East India
Backpacking Through North-East India

HolidayIQ Traveler BS Gill from Chandigarh shares about Mizoram, “Wonderful landscapes, kind and hospitable simple folks astounding beauties. paradise for the nature lovers - a must-visit. It had lovely food, mostly non-veg, and lot of variety. Visit Burra Bazaar where you'll find the choicest of imported and local traditional items of all types, styles and tastes to suit your pocket. But be good at bargaining."


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2Remote but spectacular Lengpui airport, Aizawl, Mizoram
Remote but spectacular Lengpui airport, Aizawl, Mizoram

Land at the 2,500 m runway of the Lengpui airport, which is unique as it has many hilly streams running underneath. The airport is one among the three airports in India that has a table top runway, which creates an optical illusion.

HolidayIQ reviewer Dharmender Singh says, “The nearest airport to Mizoram is Lengpui airport. To enter Mizoram by any means inner line permit is required. At airport ILP counter is there were ILP is issued on arrival.”

Prarthana tells HolidayIQ why she likes Aizwal, "I have no words to explain the awesome experience I had in the capital of Mizoram, Aizawl. It feels really good to see that such a peaceful, clean and friendly environment exists in India. Best thing I would like to tell everyone one is the traffic discipline you'll see. No unnecessary honking!! People are so down to earth and humble. I will suggest everyone who as a vacation plan to have a trip to this beautiful state with all greenery." 


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3Champhai, Mizoram
Champhai, Mizoram

HolidayIQ reviewer Dolly Jha says, Champhai located near Aizawl was the coldest place we went to in Mizoram. Paddy fields can be seen everywhere on this mountain spot. It is a village-cum-town where you can spend all your time walking around leisurely watching nature and exploring the market. Watch the moon at night or check out the morning sun in all its glory. Zawlaidi, a local grape wine is a must-try.”


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4The Blue Mountain - Phawngpui Peak
The Blue Mountain - Phawngpui Peak

The Blue Mountain exhibits the most enchanting view of Mizoram. The semi-circular cliff Thlazuang Khàm is believed to be haunted by spirits. It is an excellent place for hiking and the adventurous at heart could try and scale the Phawngpui, the highest peak in the region.

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5Zawlaidi, Mizoram
Zawlaidi, Mizoram

Move over French wine! This Mizoram grape wine is famous for its bubbly taste. The premium grape wine is infact economically important for the former dry state with 80% of the city of Hnahlan being employed in manufacturing this beverage. HolidayIQ Traveller Dolly Jha shares, "zawlaidi (the local grape wine of Mizoram which is sold strictly by the license holders) can be found here in a shop by the same name (timing: Monday to Friday- 10 am-4 pm only). Buy a bottle and enjoy it with your companion in the silence of your cottage balcony overlooking the mountains and the fields. Champhai is also the name of a shop in this building which you can explore and see if you can get something to carry back for the folks at home."


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Mizoram Overview

Mizoram is a state in the hilly regions of northeast India. It shares its borders with Myanmar, Bangladesh, Tripura, Assam and Manipur. Mizoram became a state in 1987, before which it was a union territory. The word Mizo means highlander and Mizoram means the Land of Mizos.   The average altitude of the Mizoram hills is 900m and the highest peak is Phawngpui, the Blue Mountain, at 2165m. The people of Mizoram are believed to be of Mongolian origin, and migrated to these areas centuries ago. In the 19th century the region came under the British influence and saw a growing presence of Christian missionaries. Now most of the Mizo population is Christian and the Mizo language has a Roman script.   Traditionally, the people of Mizoram were governed by a code of conduct described by an untranslatable term Tlawmngaihna that required everybody to be unselfish and kind to others. This community culture persists. Mizo people used to practice jhum Cultivation, which is a kind of slash-and-burn agriculture. Agriculture is till the main economic activity and paddy is the main crop.  The festivals here are connected to the agricultural rhythms. Mim Kut and Pawl Kut are harvest festivals celebrated in August-September and December-January respectively. Chapchar Kut is the spring festival celebrated in the end of February. Cheraw is the most famous of Mizo dances. Believed to be centuries old, before the Mizos migrated from Mongolia, the Cheraw is a rhythmic dance using bamboo staves.   Aizawl is the capital and the cultural centre of Mizoram. From this citadel-like city there are attractive views of the lush Tlawng River Valley in the west and the Turial River Valley in the east. Towards the north are the hills of Durtlang. Tamdil Lake is not far from Aizawl and offers boat rides. On the Chhimtuipui River is Saiha, an ideal place to indulge in fishing. Lake Palak is nearby and known for its wild duck and large fish. Vantawang, 750 feet high, is Mizoram's highest waterfall. Phawngpui, the highest peak in Mizoram is famous as a habitat for orchids and rhododendrons, and for mountains goats and butterflies.  

Photos of Mizoram

Mizoram, Mizoram

Photo by

Dolly Jha

Camouflage at its best!
Mizoram, Mizoram

Photo by

Rolph Hnamte

Beautiful hill with lovely view
Mizoram, Mizoram

Photo by

Mizo sight

There is so much to see in Mizoram.

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