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Frequently asked questions

Buying a timeshare/vacation ownership you purchase the right to vacation one week every year at a specific resort. Essentially, instead of paying full price for the property and owning it yourself, you pay a share of the price. This share allows you to use the property for a certain period of time every year. The rest of the year, other people who purchased shares get to use the property. How long you get to stay there depends on your share. A 1/52 share will get you one week per year. Additionally, many vacation ownership plans allow you to exchange vacation right at one resort with other resort, making it a great option for many travellers.
In a vacation ownership the resorts you are offered have more space and amenities than a traditional hotel. Usual hotel room consists of a studio room with a small bathroom, and not much else. With a vacation ownership, you get a condo-style unit with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a separate living room, dining area, and a full kitchen catering even to extended family & friends. These membership also feature an array of amenities on the grounds of the resort. A daily schedule of on-site sporting, recreational, and social activities are available for both adults and children.
It is a great vacation investment for people who want to make sure that their families’ happiness is taken care of. Also, it is an investment which enforces you to take out time for yourselves. Nonetheless, its a financial decision which should be thought through before making an investment and fixing a meeting with vacation ownership company can clarify the benefits & shortcomings.
Following questions help look at the benefits you draw from
  • Does it offer you enough locations to choose from?
  • What kind of facilities, activities, etc the resorts offer.
  • Does the properties offering standard experiences.
  • Is the vacation ownership member of AIRDA, an independent, non-profit advisory dedicated to the timeshare and vacation ownership industry.
  • Could you split your vacations in a year

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