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Enakshi Chatterjee
31st Oct 17

I am heading to Amsterdam-NL

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Rajat ryan

Rajat ryan5.0/5

1 review


Didn't do much of sight seeing, but partied a lot, met amazing people. Weather was great, cold at times but fresh and breezy . Food and Shopping: I am really not a foodie but the doner kebab joints around Amsterdam are a must try. Specially the Turkish pizza . Highlight of the trip: Too much awsomeness to compress into 2 lines.

Aman Jhalani

Aman Jhalani4.6/5

6 reviews

Visit for the Cafes, Canals & much more

I traveled Amsterdam from India in the month of November. Weather is cold at this point of the year. Amsterdam is famous for its canals, beautiful houses, scaled coffee shops, and Red Light District, but there's plenty more to this liberal city than most visitors realize. One of the best ways to travel around the city is by renting a bicycle as most of the places are nearby, and almost all the Amsterdam travel around using bicycles.

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  • Visit for the Cafes, Canals & much more
  • Visit for the Cafes, Canals & much more

Amsterdam-NL Overview

Located in the west of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the largest city of the Netherlands. Situated in the province of North Holland, the city is also the capital of the Netherlands. This city has derived its name from the word Amstelredamme, which was also one of the most important ports during the Dutch Golden Age.

The centre of the world economy in the 17th century, the city is now known for its tolerant character and independent culture. The history of this city of diamonds dates back to the early 13th century. The city came into prominence in 1204 AD when fishermen built a dam across the river Amstel, and was called Aemstelledamme, which eventually became Amsterdam.

In 1300, the city rights were granted to Amsterdam. It developed owing to the growing trade with the Hanseatic cities of Europe and also because of becoming an integral part of a pilgrim route. During the 16th century, Protestantism grew in the entire city, marking a new phase in the history of Amsterdam.

The Dutch rebelled against the Habsburg King Philip II of Spain, who was a Roman Catholic. The war was fought because of the suppression of Protestantism, which was accompanied by imposition of high taxes in Netherlands. The Dutch army was led by William of Orange. In 1581, the Dutch won the war and consequently Netherlands became one of the first republics in the world.

Owing to immigration of a number of individuals from all across the globe to liberal Amsterdam, the city received financial boost. In 1602, the United East India Company was founded and during the same year, the city saw the establishment of the world’s first stock exchange. As a result of all this, Capitalism was born in Amsterdam. The period from 1585 to 1672, was regarded as the Golden Age in the history of this city.

The Golden Age was followed by the Silver Age of Amsterdam, which started from 1672 and continued till 1795. The rise in power, culture and wealth came to an end in 1672, which was also known as the ‘Year of Disaster’.

The years from 1795 to 1814 were marked as the period of return of monarchy in the city. During these years, conflicts between Orangists and Patriots occurred and were followed by the French revolution.

In 1848, the revolutionary force again stirred up the whole continent of Europe, including Netherlands. King William II of Netherlands was compelled to accept the liberal constitution. In the second half of the 19th century, the colonial empire again gained power and dominion over new colonies.

From 1914 to 1945, two World Wars were fought, which were difficult times in the history of Amsterdam. The city saw several changes during the 1960s, when Netherlands was immensely influenced by the hippy and counter culture movements. This marked the beginning of the liberation period of Amsterdam.

Owing to the rich culture and history, the city is home to several monuments, museums and landmarks which have strong Dutch influence. With more than 4 million visitors travelling to city each year, Amsterdam has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It can be visited year round; however, the best and the busiest months with respect to tourism are July and August.

Photos of Amsterdam-NL

Dam Square, Amsterdam-NL

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Dam Square, Amsterdam-NL
Vondelpark, Amsterdam-NL

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Thejasvi Bhat

Vondelpark, Amsterdam-NL
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam-NL

Photo by

Thejasvi Bhat

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam-NL
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam-NL

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Thejasvi Bhat

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam-NL

Getting to Amsterdam-NL


Visa: Prior application

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Transit time: 12 hrs from major cities

Cost ₹ 24,000 per person

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