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An island, full of unique creatures, adventurous people and a range of natural wonders!

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Great experience for kids

Great experience for kids  Video Review

Sea World

Vikas Rana
12th May 18

Beautiful gorge

Beautiful gorge  Video Review

Loch Ard Gorge

Vikas Rana
9th May 18

All round fun

All round fun  Video Review

Warner Bros. Movie World

Vikas Rana
14th May 18

Great day outing close to nature

Great day outing close to nature  Video Review

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Vikas Rana
14th May 18

Great day outing for everybody

Great day outing for everybody  Video Review

Sea World

Vikas Rana
12th May 18

Wallpaper worthy view!

Wallpaper worthy view!  Video Review

Marriners Lookout

Vikas Rana
10th May 18

Good falls, magnificent view

Good falls, magnificent view  Video Review

Springbrook National Park

Vikas Rana
25th May 18

Nice beach

Nice beach  Video Review

Gibsons Steps

Vikas Rana
9th May 18

Gorgeous Arch

Gorgeous Arch  Video Review

London Bridge

Vikas Rana
9th May 18

Great bridge formation from limestone

Great bridge formation from limestone  Video Review

London Bridge

Vikas Rana
9th May 18

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Reasons to go to Australia

1Marvel at its jaw-dropping beauty
Marvel at its jaw-dropping beauty

Feast your eyes on Australia's scenic beauty from one of the best possible viewpoints- several miles above the ground. Hot air ballooning promises you a thrilling experience as you stare in awe at the ever-changing landscape. The incredibly captivating topography of Australia will leave you with an eternal feeling of joy and contentment. 

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2Inland Taipan: Venom more toxic than any other snake
Inland Taipan: Venom more toxic than any other snake

The snake is found in Central Australia. HolidayIQ reviewer Mohammed says, " While in Australia visit Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory"

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3Asli Sona traveled across the world to meet her best friend
Asli Sona traveled across the world to meet her best friend

Sonakshi Sinha landed in Australia last week. The Bollywood beauty decided this is the best time to reunite with her best friend and that’s exactly what she did in Australia! While posting this photo, she writes on Instagram, 'Reunited ?? @smehraa #bffs #soulsisters #chillers #thegoodlife #sonastravels."

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4The land down under
The land down under

Travel through the rolling green hills of Tasmania, take a swim at one of the sparkling beaches near Bondi and Mandalay. Head out in a 4 wheel drive to enjoy the stark red outback that is the Northern Territory or relax in the presence of limestone stack formations in Victoria.

“The best place with an amazing climate, feel good people and also mouth watering food, looking forward to an amazing experience then Australia would be the place. Even the wildlife and the places are beautiful. The beaches in Australia are good too.” shares HolidayIQ reviewer Kiran Reddy.


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5For its most famous Lamington cake
For its most famous Lamington cake

HolidayIQ Reviewer Karthikan Vadapalli says, “Australia is very special to visit because it has so many beautiful places and too large cricket grounds i.e, Melbourne and Sydney. Very popular restaurants are there in Australia you must taste the Australian food. ”

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2 reviews

Awesome place

The word "paradise" cops a hiding these days. A few swooning coconut palms, a scrap of sand, a lurid sunset and "paradise" limps into view. Tired, overworked and underachieving, "paradise" has lost its punch, and so it is that I am left with no single word for Lord Howe Island.
Yet from the moment your plane sweeps low over the island's cliffs, skims across the surf break on the edge of the lagoon and drops you in the shadow of two leaping green volcanic peaks you'll be in no doubt. Paradise it is. Anchored 550 kilometres due east of Port Macquarie, Lord Howe Island is barely 11 kilometres from end to end and two across at its widest point, yet rarely is so much crammed into such a tiny pimple of dry land.

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2 reviews

Good place to visit

All the foreign countries are very good in view. But I think this city is such a amazing city. There are many indian people. There people nature is very nice thus I feel very comfortable and friendly. This I can say that we should go in this place for enjoy lovely moments

Australia Overview

Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is located in the Southern Hemisphere. It is surrounded by two colossal water bodies, Indian Ocean to the west and South Pacific Ocean to the east. Owing to its isolation and being surrounded by water bodies, Australia is often dubbed as the 'Island Continent'. Moreover, it is also considered to be the largest island in the world, comprising diverse landscapes and waterways.

Though the smallest continent, Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world. Spread across an area of 7,682,300 sq. km, the country encompasses six states and two mainland territories.

The population of 22 million people is mostly concentrated in and around the mainland state capitals, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Canberra, the capital of the nation, is situated in the Australian Capital Territory.

Life in Australia is estimated to have begun some 42,000 to 48,000 years ago, with the migration of ancestors of modern indigenous Australians from South-East Asia. The Australian mainland was first discovered in early 1606 by Willem Janszoon, a Dutch navigator.

An English explorer named William Dampier was the first one to land on the North-West coast of Australia in 1688. The East coast of Australia was mapped by James Cook in 1770, who named it as New South Wales.

On 26 January 1788, a British Crown Colony was formed in New South Wales by Captain Arthur Philip. This day is celebrated as Australia Day every year.

Tasmania, earlier known as Van Diemen's Land, was established as a separate colony in 1803. Thereafter, separate colonies were carved out of New South Wales, namely South Australia (1836), Victoria (1851) and Queensland (1859). The Australian Capital Territory was formed decades later, in 1911.

Most inhabitants of the country are Europeans, including descendants of early settlers and indigenous Aborigines. The culture of Australia is an amalgamation of different traditions, which at present is more influenced by the Western world. Irish, English, Asian, Italian and Greek cultures are also readily accepted in Australia. This might be the major reason for which Australia is referred to as the 'fattest nation'.

Residents of more than 200 countries have migrated to different parts of the country, resulting in the foundation of modern Australian society. The democratic principles of Australian society and culture allow all citizens to practice their own culture and religion. English is the most commonly used language here.

Sun, sea and surf are the major highlights of Australia that attract tourists from across the world. It is also home to the world's largest reef system, Great Barrier Reef. Being an island continent, Australia is most known for its beautiful beaches like Byron Bay (New South Wales) and Bondi (Sydney). Nature and wildlife of Australia, especially in Melbourne and Adelaide, also are the main attractions of the country.

The landscape of Australia is diverse and thus, opens the door for several outdoor, adventure and aquatic sports, including canoeing, scuba diving, rock climbing and ballooning.

Modern Australian cuisine, prepared by coalition of international and authentic tastes is another speciality of the country. Moreover, due to the variation in the seasons, Australia can be visited throughout the year, specifically north in winter and south in summer.

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Transit time: 17 hrs from major cities

Cost ₹ 17,400 per person

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