What to do : See Bangkok's largest reclining Buddha

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The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is a must-visit spot for every visitor to Bangkok. Situated on Rattanakosin Island, directly south of the Grand Palace, the Temple holds the distinction of being one of the oldest in Bangkok.


The temple is more than 300 years old and is one of the biggest in the city. It is most famous for the giant reclining Buddha statue, which is 46 metres long and covered in gold leaf. The Buddha’s feet themselves are over five meters long and decorated with illustrations of Buddha’s “laksanas”, or the actions that helped Him to perfection. The statue is commonly misunderstood to be one of the Buddha sleeping but actually symbolises His passing into Nirvana, after death. Next to the housing of the statue, there is a small Bodhi tree that is actually a descendant of the original Bodhi tree under which the Buddha famously attained enlightenment.

Reason to Visit

Visitors flock to the temple complex, with the main attraction being the giant Buddha statue. The temple is one of six in Thailand, of the highest grade of the Royal Temples. Wat Pho also houses more than a thousand pictures of the Buddha, which is more than any other temple in the country. Dropping coins in the 108 bronze bowls that line the adjoining halls is supposed to bring you good luck, and the money is used by the monks to maintain this humongous complex.

Wat Pho was also a centre of education, initially about literature, religion and science, but now focuses on Traditional Thai medicine. It is known as the birthplace of the Thai massage, with the old massage school still functioning in the complex. Any visitor can experience the Thai massage for a fee, which is known to invigorate rather than relax the person. The massage is based on principles of energy flow, much like the Chinese practice of Acupuncture. People can also take a course in the techniques of Thai massage, as the school is open to anyone.

Entry Guidelines

The temple is open from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm, barring a one-hour lunch break starting at noon. The admission fee has been 100 Baht since 2012, which is about INR 200 per person. English-speaking guides are available around the complex, and they help visitors understand the intricacies and small histories of the delicate artworks adorning the walls and roofs. Their fee is usually around 200-300 Baht.

Where to Eat

Bangkok is fraught with restaurants and eateries, so one doesn’t have to walk long from Wat Pho to have a delicious lunch. For authentic Thai and Asian cuisine, visitors should head over to Ama, which is literally right across the street from the temple. This quirky restaurant also serves quality vegetarian food and does not burn a hole through the pocket. There are a lot of other restaurants around Wat Pho, all within 200 metres of the beautiful temple.

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Operating hours

8:00 am - 6:30 pm
8:00 am - 6:30 pm
8:00 am - 6:30 pm
8:00 am - 6:30 pm
8:00 am - 6:30 pm
8:00 am - 6:30 pm
8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Entry Fee

THB 100
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Contact Details

Phone: +6622259595

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Reviews and Ratings

Indraneel K

Indraneel K5.0/5

2 reviews

Must See:Temple of Reclining Buddha

Wat Pho is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. Here you can see the famous 46 meters long Reclining Buddha statue at this temple. In the corridor, there are 108 bronze bowls which represent 108 characters of Buddha. Visitors can collect 108 coins in exchange of few bahts and drop these in the bowls. There is a belief that it will bring good fortune. Next, to it, there is a Zen Garden, which is as beautiful as the temple is.

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  • Must See:Temple of Reclining Buddha
  • Must See:Temple of Reclining Buddha
  • Must See:Temple of Reclining Buddha
  • Must See:Temple of Reclining Buddha

Andras Horvath

Andras Horvath5.0/5

5 reviews

Biggest Reclining Buddha

There is a 100 Baht entrance fee for Foreigners. It includes a small bottle of water. Shoes must be removed and carried with oneself in a plastic Bag. Dress code is similar to the Royal Palace or any other Buddhist Temple.Beautiful Golden Statue!

Subodh gurjar

Subodh gurjar5.0/5

6 reviews

A MUST visit site when Bangkok

A great Buddhist temple. And a must visit the site when in BKK.The temple is very important for Thai people - and the dress code is applicable.Very close to this temple are some other temples of importance and 1/2 day trip to all temples is highly recommended.A short boat ride from here - is Wat arun - temple for the Sun God or temple of Dawn -Plan 1/2 for all 3 temples - the Wat Pho, Grand palace and Wat Arun.

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Ajith G a

Ajith G a4.3/5

143 reviews

Buddha Temple

This is one of the main attractions in Bangkok.Easy to reach the place.Entry Fees is around 100THB.Cameras are allowed.There is a map at the entrance which guides you about the temples.The main attraction is the Reclining Buddha.Its soo lengthy that it cannot be seen completely from front, only side view gives the full picture.Totally worth a visit.
  • Buddha Temple
  • Buddha Temple
  • Buddha Temple
  • Buddha Temple

Kapil Kumar

Kapil Kumar3.9/5

8 reviews

Inner Peace :)

The Wat Pho is just 5 mins walk from the Grand Palace and the ticket cost around 120 THB which include one drinking water bottle too. You have to take off your shoes and carry along with you in a clothing bag to enter into the reclining buddha palace. There are lot of good photo places inside the WatPho compound to capture the Buddha statues.Once you finish the WatPho, you can take the ferry to cross the river which takes only 4 THB. Wat Arun temple was under construction, so we couldn't go up. Wat arun temple has one of the steepest stair cases I have ever seen.

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  • Inner Peace :)
  • Inner Peace :)
  • Inner Peace :)

Arnav Mathur

Arnav Mathur4.3/5

79 reviews

Amazing architecture and peaceful environment

This was 2nd on our list when we went temple hopping in the streets of Bangkok. Was amazed to see such amazing architectural pointed roofs which gave the buildings a unique character. Built in 1832 by Rama III, the sleeping buddha statue was a stunner in itself being 46 m in length and around 15 m high.The soles of the feet of the Buddha are 3m high and 4. 5 m long, and inlaid with mother-of-pearl. They are each divided into 108 arranged panels, displaying the auspicious symbols by which Buddha can be identified, such as flowers, dancers, white elephants, tigers, and altar accessories.

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  • Amazing architecture and peaceful environment
  • Amazing architecture and peaceful environment
  • Amazing architecture and peaceful environment
  • Amazing architecture and peaceful environment

Rajendra chopra

Rajendra chopra5.0/5

4 reviews

Out of imagination and its excellent

Lovely and wonderful, kind supporting environment, view is also very beautiful. Family type culture Best for prayer and very good. Easily accessible from all ways from city and airport and etc, Thanks for your kind support. "

Mohammed zain

Mohammed zain2.9/5

22 reviews

Nice for religion followers and spiritual people

Not much to see or do here, just the statue of the lying Buddha which is tallest in the world. Nevertheless if in Bangkok do visit the place, nice for religion followers and spiritual people.

Ravi Mittal

Ravi Mittal3.2/5

114 reviews

Very popular but crowded temple

The temple no doubt is beautiful and has lot of significance for Buddhists. To see a reclining Buddha Statue is rare and this one is quite large indeed. But is this the No. 1 thing to do in Bangkok, I beg to differ. It's better to go in with minimum expectations to avoid getting disappointed. It was damn crowded, it was very difficult to take a picture without someone getting in the way.Easily accessible and a cheap ferry ride can take you across the river to Wat Arun as well.

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Shamili Sur

Shamili Sur4.3/5

77 reviews

Worth Visit

The big Reclining Buddha temple is actually a worth visit in Bangkok. It's actually huge. The other temples and places to visit in the same compound is also awesome. Never seen such big Buddha statue in my life.
  • Worth Visit
  • Worth Visit

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Photos of Wat Pho

Wat Pho, Bangkok

Photo by

Thejasvi Bhat

Wat Pho, Bangkok
Wat Pho, Bangkok

Photo by

Shamili Sur

Closer view of Wat Pho
Wat Pho, Bangkok

Photo by

Kapil Kumar

Wat Pho, Bangkok
Wat Pho, Bangkok

Photo by

Kapil Kumar

Wat Pho, Bangkok

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