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1Chinese architecture at its best at The Forbidden City palace complex
Chinese architecture at its best at The Forbidden City palace complex

HolidayIQ Reviewer shijo thomas adds, “Forbidden City - Hidden Kingdoms Located at the center of Beijing home of Chinese Kings from Ming and Qing dynasty, this Palace is the perfect example of Chinese culture traditions and architecture.

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2To visit the Forbidden City and uncover the stories from Ming and Qing dynasty
To visit the Forbidden City and uncover the stories from Ming and Qing dynasty

HolidayIQ Reviewer shijo Thomas adds, “Forbidden City - Hidden kingdoms located at the center of Beijing home of Chinese Kings from Ming and Qing dynasty, this Palace is the perfect example of Chinese cultural traditions and architecture. A must visit if you go to Beijing. Constructed in the 1400s, spread over 180 acres it was home to 24 emperors. It was converted into the museum in the 1900s and declared World Heritage site in 1987.

You get English self-guided tour kits inside the palace and explore the place at your own pace. Be ready to walk and the place is so clean and well-maintained that you won't mind walking there. Once you exit beware of 2 things, 1. Do not board the rickshaws, they may take you to secluded lanes they mug you. 2. Do not buy from the hawkers outside Forbidden City, if you buy bargain well and give them exact change. Do not accept change from them as it could be fake currency. They may tend to hurry you into closing the deal and ask your big notes, don't get ruffled.


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Liu Phoebe

Liu Phoebe5.0/5

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Beijing is an ancient city with a history

Beijing is an ancient city with a history of more than 3,000 years, during which it has served as a capital for more than 800 years. It is a word-famous historical and cultural city that reflects the continuity of Chinese civilization and an international metropolis emerged in making itself a World City with Chinese characteristics. It is a harmonious, liveable city that is imbued with the Beijing Spirit:Patriotism, innovation, inclusiveness, virtue. This is Beijing, capital of the People's Republic of China. We are the licensed Beijing local travel agency.
In our team, we have lots of experience licensed tour guides. And all of us have more than 5 years to 15 years guiding experience in Beijing. We have in-depth knowledge about the traditional culture and heritage side of this city. We will take you to explore the beautiful sightseeing, nice food, good performance and significative adventures. We specialize in personalized, custom designed private Beijing Tours with your complete satisfaction in mind. We guarantee your delight as we go with you on unforgettable adventures through the wonders of Beijing!

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  • Beijing is an ancient city with a history

Shikha Singh

Shikha Singh4.3/5

8 reviews

Beijing - An intense mixture of rich cultural heritage & modern upbeat lifestyle

A city that is always bustling with travellers and tourist keen on visiting the rich cultural heritage of China to the high-rise fast paced working city. The best time to visit China is in May-June-July. Places not to be missed :

1. Great Wall of China - One of the Wonders of the World, it is a must visit once in a lifetime. Travellers have to take a vehicle to the base of the mountain from where tourists are taken by cable cars uphill to the Great Wall. The view from the cable car is breathtaking with deep valleys below and the approaching Great Wall surrounding oneself. Once atop the Great Wall, traversable have to walk the Great Wall from one post to another where once upon a time their soldiers kept a strict vigil, taking in the view from the vast wall and feeling the dwindling history of the wall through your fingers. But remember to travel only as much as you can return back walking because it is a long walk. This is one place that cant be put into words, the experience of which can be beheld only by the eyes to believe it to be true.

2. Forbidden City - A historical city in a city. Forbidden city boasts of the rich legacy of the monastery and rule of the Kings of China. One has to visit the entire city walking and one can opt for a wireless walky which detects your location inside the forbidden city and explains the significance of every place you visit inside. Forbidden City shows the places where the Kings addressed the locals and their issues, where they offered their prayers, their extensive and blooming garden area and so on. The city is vast and it takes one 2-3 hours to visit most of the main parts of the city and experience a city held back in history. Remember to carry an umbrella. Outside the city one also gets an opportunity to don the Chinese silk gown and decorated hat and click pictures or make a video of oneself flying over the entire city in the same gown which is a must try.

3. Bird's Nest The massive Olympic stadium from the Olympic Games held in china which is architectural treat to the eyes. Built in the shape of a gigantic nest with an enormous Olympic torch on the outside, the Bird's Nest is one of the go to places of Beijing.

4. Temple of Heaven Another serene and mystically beautiful place in Beijing, hidden from the pollution and high-rises is the Temple of Heaven. Indeed one feels as though they are in Heaven nestled in the lush greenery and trees of all sorts lies the Temple of Heaven. Once again a proof to China's rich architectural love since ancient times, the temple has intricate designs and minute detailing in colours and sculpting. A treat to the eyes and peace to the mind, newly-wed Chinese find it an apt location for their wedding albums.

5. Acrobatic Show One thing surely not be missed is the Great China Acrobatic show that has limited tickets, this is one thing that leaves you asking for more. With acts that get your heart in your mouth and leave you gaping, it is an Acrobatic show never seen before anywhere. Death defying stunts and acts that are incomprehensible to the normal mind, the traditional get-ups of the characters and their delicate elegance is also something to watch out for. One can also get a CD once the show is over to make friends and relatives believe the unbelievable acts that you just experienced.

6. There are some great malls for shopping, also there is this street shopping kind of place where all the shops are located in one huge complex and one can find authentic and amazing Chinese dresses, show-pieces and what not. Immense bargaining takes place and it a lively and fun atmosphere. Then there are the commercial malls that are so huge that visiting one entire mall may take up your whole evening with live water-shows and music concerts being held. Along with malls, there are also few really beautiful gardens to visit where one can fill their lungs with as much pure air as one won't find in the entire city.

7. The Dragon Boat festival is held in June wherein people can experience rowing in boats under the evening city lights, taste some of the most authentic Chinese food, revel in the festivity and simply give oneself up for enjoying.

8. The Republic Square of Beijing is also a historical place where all their national parades take place and the traffic is duly cleared for the same. With picture of its founder and beautiful water fountains, it is a place bustling with visitors.

Beijing is one city that is so diverse in itself; one can find nature and history very safely cuddled up in the fast moving and workaholic lifestyle of the city. Though there is a lot of pollution and one may never get to experience a clear sky, the government takes care of that as much as possible by encouraging people to plant trees and use odd/even numbered cars alternatively. The people mostly speak only Chinese not even English but are very cordial and friendly and ready to assist.

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  • Beijing - An intense mixture of rich cultural heritage & modern upbeat lifestyle
  • Beijing - An intense mixture of rich cultural heritage & modern upbeat lifestyle
  • Beijing - An intense mixture of rich cultural heritage & modern upbeat lifestyle
  • Beijing - An intense mixture of rich cultural heritage & modern upbeat lifestyle

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5+ days


Beijing Overview

Beijing is the capital of China and it is recognised as one of the oldest and greatest cities of the world. In Chinese, ‘Beijing’ means ‘Northern Capital’.  In the year 1421, Emperor Yongle shifted the capital from Nanjing to Beiping and renamed it Beijing. Famed emperors such as Shi Huang Ti and Kublai Khan are associated with the history of this city.

The celebrated Ming and Qing dynasties ruled from Beijing. The city saw the rise and fall of many regimes and governments since it was founded. Beijing is the political, cultural and educational capital of the People’s Republic of China.

Beijing is located at the northernmost end of the North China Plain in the time zone of East Eight (GMT 8). All major international airlines include Beijing in their destinations. There are mountains running from the north of the city through to the West to shield it from the effects of arid climate.

It stands 45 metres above sea-level and the climate is generally humid. Five rivers flow through the city and the Yongding is the largest. The city and its suburbs measure more than 16,000 sq, and about two-thirds of the city is mountainous. The sixteen districts and two counties are well-connected by four ring roads that coil the city and by a major median road connecting the east-end of Beijing with the west. 

The three major styles of architecture that dominate the city are imperial, post-war and modern. The best time to visit the city is from September to November. It is home to around 22 million people.  Beijing is a highly industrialised city with hundreds of factories, banks and corporations apart from 26 offices of some of the world Fortune 500 companies.

Beijing generates an annual GDP of about USD 175 billion. The real estate and automobile sectors have seen a steady growth in the last decade. The Central Business District and the Wangfujing, also known as the ‘Silicon Valley of China’ has together played a major role in creating new wealth for the city and the nation.
The meteoric rise of China in the last decade has been attributed to the numerous new companies set up in Beijing.

The government recently took up measures to counter the growing menace of air pollution in the city by relocating industries, triggering artificial rainfall to clear smog, converting some areas of the city into no-vehicle zones and designating certain other areas as closed for traffic on weekends.

Photos of Beijing

Great Wall Mutianyu, Beijing

Photo by

Thejasvi Bhat

Great Wall Mutianyu, Beijing
Badaling Great Wall, Beijing

Photo by

Thejasvi Bhat

Badaling Great Wall, Beijing
Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Photo by

Thejasvi Bhat

Temple of Heaven, Beijing
Great Wall Mutianyu, Beijing

Photo by

Thejasvi Bhat

Great Wall Mutianyu, Beijing

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Transit time: 10 hrs from major cities

Cost ₹ 17,000 per person

There is so much to see in Beijing.

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