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Liu Phoebe

Liu Phoeberatingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 3 years ago

Beijing is an ancient city with a history

Beijing is an ancient city with a history of more than 3,000 years, during which it has served as a capital for more than 800 years. It is a word-famous historical and cultural city that reflects the continuity of Chinese civilization and an international metropolis emerged in making itself a World City with Chinese characteristics. It is a harmonious, liveable city that is imbued with the Beijing Spirit:Patriotism, innovation, inclusiveness, virtue. This is Beijing, capital of the People's Republic of China. We are the licensed Beijing local travel agency.
In our team, we have lots of experience licensed tour guides. And all of us have more than 5 years to 15 years guiding experience in Beijing. We have in-depth knowledge about the traditional culture and heritage side of this city. We will take you to explore the beautiful sightseeing, nice food, good performance and significative adventures. We specialize in personalized, custom designed private Beijing Tours with your complete satisfaction in mind. We guarantee your delight as we go with you on unforgettable adventures through the wonders of Beijing!

  • Beijing is an ancient city with a history

Sona Shah

Sona Shahratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

35 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Great city with culture, history, clean & easily to accessible places

. - Tianenmen Square, awe inspiring . Specially the evening there just as twilight dawns. Forbidden City, one of the best architectures . Never to be missed. Summer Palace, a great retrieve . Beautiful. TEMPLE OF HEAVEN - . Excellently preserved. Lama temple, authentically Buddhist and great culture ,, well maintained KUNG FU SHOW- most awesome . Unthinkable discipline and presentaion. GREAT WALL - NO WORDS TO describe the feel when you reach the top and walk the wall . HUGE . GIGANTIC . MIND BLOWING. BIRDS NEST WATER CUBE STADIUM, GREAT ARCHITECTURE. CAPITAL MUSEUM. - Excellent displays. QUIANMEN STREET SHOPPING - good bargains and better goods. 4 days were less to explore the city and sight seeing local subways are so easy to travel with proper sign boards, easy access to maps and very helpful people . All going below up to 5 levels and 10+lines. Pure veg - even Jain food was not an issue for us . Easier with translated food restriction details .

  • Great city with culture, history, clean & easily to accessible places
  • Great city with culture, history, clean & easily to accessible places
  • Great city with culture, history, clean & easily to accessible places
  • Great city with culture, history, clean & easily to accessible places

Shikha Singh

Shikha Singhratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

8 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Beijing - An intense mixture of rich cultural heritage & modern upbeat lifestyle

A city that is always bustling with travelers and tourist keen on visiting the rich cultural heritage of China to the high-rise fast paced working city. The best time to visit China is in Marginally Places not to be missed :. 1. Great Wall of China - One of the Wonders of the World, it is a must visit once in a lifetime. Travelers have to take a vehicle to the base of the mountain from where tourists are taken by cable cars uphill to the Great Wall. The view from the cable car is breathtaking with deep valleys below and the approaching Great Wall surrounding oneself. Once atop the Great Wall, travelers have to walk the Great Wall from one post to another where once upon a time their soldiers kept a strict vigil, taking in the view from the vast wall and feeling the dwindling history of the wall through your fingers. But remember to travel only as much as you can return back walking because it is a long walk. This is one place that can't be put into words, the experience of which can be beheld only by the eyes to believe it to be true 2. Forbidden City - A historical city in a city. Forbidden city boasts of the rich legacy of the monastery and rule of the Kings of China. One has to visit the entire city walking and one can opt for a wireless walky which detects your location inside the forbidden city and explains the significance of every place you visit inside. Forbidden City shows the places where the Kings addressed the locals and their issues, where they offered their prayers, their extensive and blooming garden area and so on. The city is vast and it takes one 2-3 hours to visit most of the main parts of the city and experience a city held back in history. Remember to carry an umbrella. Outside the city one also gets an opportunity to don the Chinese silk gown and decorated hat and click pictures or make a video of oneself flying over the entire city in the same gown which is a must try 3. Nest - The massive Olympic stadium from the Olympic Games held in china which is architectural treat to the eyes. Built in the shape of a gigantic nest with an enormous Olympic torch on the outside, the Nest is one of the go to places of Beijing 4. Temple of Heaven - Another serene and mystically beautiful place in Beijing, hidden from the pollution and high-rises is the Temple of Heaven. Indeed one feels as though they are in Heaven nestled in the lush greenery and trees of all sorts lies the Temple of Heaven. Once again a proof to China's rich architectural love since ancient times, the temple has intricate designs and minute detailing in colours and sculpting. A treat to the eyes and peace to the mind, newlywed Chinese find it an apt location for their wedding albums 5. Acrobatic Show - One thing surely not be missed is the Great China Acrobatic show that has limited tickets, this is one thing that leaves you asking for more. With acts that get your heart in your mouth and leave you gaping, it is an Acrobatic show never seen before anywhere. Death defying stunts and acts that are incomprehensible to the normal mind, the traditional get-ups of the characters and their delicate elegance is also something to watch out for. One can also get a CD once the show is over to make friends and relatives believe the unbelievable acts that you just experienced 6. There are some great malls for shopping, also there is this street shopping kind of place where all the shops are located in one huge complex and one can find authentic and amazing Chinese dresses, showpieces and what not. Immense bargaining takes place and it a lively and fun atmosphere. Then there are the commercial malls that are so huge that visiting one entire mall may take up your whole evening with live water-shows and music concerts being held. Along with malls, there are also few really beautiful gardens to visit where one can fill their lungs with as much pure air as one won't find in the entire city 7. The Dragon Boat festival is held in June wherein people can experience rowing in boats under the evening city lights, taste some of the most authentic Chinese food, revel in the festivity and simply give oneself up for enjoying 8. The Republic Square of Beijing is also a historical place where all their national parades take place and the traffic is duly cleared for the same. With picture of its founder and beautiful water fountains, it is a place bustling with visitors Beijing is one city that is so diverse in itself; one can find nature and history very safely cuddled up in the fast moving and workaholic lifestyle of the city. Though there is a lot of pollution and one may never get to experience a clear sky, the government takes care of that as much as possible by encouraging people to plant trees and use odd/even numbered cars alternatively. The people mostly speak only Chinese not even English but are very cordial and friendly and ready to assist .

  • Beijing - An intense mixture of rich cultural heritage & modern upbeat lifestyle
  • Beijing - An intense mixture of rich cultural heritage & modern upbeat lifestyle
  • Beijing - An intense mixture of rich cultural heritage & modern upbeat lifestyle
  • Beijing - An intense mixture of rich cultural heritage & modern upbeat lifestyle

Virat Mehta

Virat Mehtaratingratingratingratingratingrating2.9/5

5 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Beijing is beautiful city

Beijing is beautiful city, you can see great mix of old and new china, I been there in December, weather was freezing cold, really enjoyed the weather and city, big malls crowded streets, shopping is costly, must need one Chinese speaking person with you if you can not speak Chinese.

Girija Muralidharan

Girija Muralidharanratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

47 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Superb three days stay at Beijing, filled with history, culture and traditions

When we started organizing our trip to China our son Karthik came up with the suggestion that we take China Highlights as our travel agents as they are local and would do the job well. In fact Karthik was very happy with their service when he had taken his wife Srinithya on a holiday to China a few years back . . I would like to mention here that the idea of having China Highlights as our tour agents was very satisfying, they were very punctual, everywhere we had a 7 seated car with good English speaking guides. Because our trip was customized we had no time tensions. Sightseeing was relaxed. As per our requirement they put us up at 4 star hotels, breakfast and lunch was taken care of. Vegetarian food can be a challenge if you don't know how to express your needs in terms that Chinese people can relate to. We were able to manage despite this challenge The travel agents gave us a booklet which had practical and travel information one needs while exploring China. The problem is people in China do not speak or understand English. Only few hotel staff and travel guides know the language. Our first stop was Beijing. This city has served as China's capital for more than 800 years. Hence this place has a number of cultural heritage sites in the world. The ancient legends, cultural heritage and modern developments mingle easily in this beautiful city. Our Hotel, Beijing Hiking Fu Hotel was beautiful. It was a huge mansion gifted by the Emperor to his daughter on her wedding day, before it was converted to a hotel. We wanted our tour to start from the second day of our arrival. The first day was free to explore the nearby places on our own. Day 2 Our guide in Beijing, was Frank, he was a wonderful person. He said there was a subway near our hotel, he wrote in Eng and Chinese the route to take and said the Silk Street is a must see place. We followed the instruction and reached the place. There were numerous shops on all the 6 floors selling everything under the sky. We could shop for branded items as well as local items. We did a lot of walking on the first day itself. We were looking around for a place to have dinner, just then a man approached us and spoke to us in Hindi saying his name was Ganesh, he took us to his restaurant. He served us hot Punjabi Khana which was very welcome. Day 3) our guide Frank, came on time to take us to the Great Wall of China. It was a 2. 5 hours drive from our hotel. The Great Wall was built over many years. A great part of the wall has got destroyed, the wall which is in evidence today was built by the Ming Dynasty over a period of 200 years to protect and guard the Capital and the imperial Mausoleums. More than one million laborers' have died in the process of building this wall. This wall has been maintained throughout the centuries and is an admired landmark in our world today. There are several gates we can take. Normally tourists are taken through the Battling section which is very crowded with shops lined throughout the way and heavy rush all through the year. Here again Karthik suggested we take the Mutianyu section which is less crowded and the main attraction was the cable car to take us up the steep climb. After reaching the top we still had to climb quite a few steps to reach the wall. Once you are up after walking along the wall one enters the watch tower. There are numerous watch towers all through the long stretch of the wall. The beauty of this endless wall engulfs you; it is simply breathtaking, magnificent and inspiring. The wall snakes across the lush green hills and mountains. It is visible till your eyesight becomes a blur. We are told the pristine snow covered wall is a great beauty in winter. You stop to think and ponder about the numerous people who have died while getting this arduous task completed. This is the only man made structure which is visible from outer space. This wall was built to ward of enemies, today this Great Wall brings people here from every corner of the globe to witness and marvel the manmade structure. I had a great time walking up and down and again up the watch tower till my content. There was no time tension as I mentioned earlier. To top up this exhilarating experience of having viewed the great wonder, there was a bonus foot massage done by experts for 80 minutes in the Liang Zi Massage center after our return to the city. The aching feet needed the soothing medicinal massage where your feet is soaked in warm water and massaged. It was heavenly. Day 4 A day of being on your feet for hours at a stretch. Our first stop was the Forbidden City, this is the largest Imperial Palace in the world, and it has been home to 24 Emperors in the Ming and dynasties. It was built in 1420, 70 years before Columbus discovered America and 144 years before the birth of William Shakespeare. All around is a 52 meter wide moat with water most of the time . Yellow being the Royal color the glazed roof tiles are all in yellow. The Imperial Palace has 999 and 1/2 rooms. They believed that Heaven had 10, 000 rooms. It was named Forbidden City because apart from the Emperor and Empress, his numerous concubines and eunuchs who ran all the errands inside the palace, the common man was forbidden to enter the gate hence the name. It was instant execution if someone entered the city gate without permission. The Empress entered the huge gate only once in her life time after her marriage. She never went out of the Palace in her life time. This tale sounds very similar to the Rajput queens in Rajasthan. The senior most queen and royal ladies never stepped out once they entered the royal palace after their marriage. Most of the rooms are empty; the past glory is shown in Ipads by the guides. We are shown the screen that was between the throne of the Emperor 'and his mother who was called the Lady' Our guide showed pictures which bring with great clarity the life of those historical figures. Different structures house various treasures and royal articles and items. We went to the building which had numerous clocks from all over the world, another place where there was exquisite China ware. The Royal Golden Throne which is cordoned on all four sides looks desolate. It was a 5 hour walking tour known as the Heritage Walk. There were lots of local Chinese tourists with their families. Next stop was the Tiananmen Square it means ( Gate of Heavenly Peace). The square is the fourth largest city square in the world. It has great significance as it was the site of several important events in Chinese history. The square contains the monument to the heroes of the revolution. The great hall of people, the National Museum of China, and Chairman Mao Zedong memorial hall where the Mao's embalmed body is kept. While standing at the center of the square admiring all the buildings and the well manicured lawns on the side our thoughts rush back to the June 4th 1989 democracy Movement. The hard-line leaders ordered the military to enforce martial law. The massacre which took place resulting in bloodshed of students and civilians was unprecedented in the history of Beijing. This city has rich tradition of popular protests in this famous square. The legs were aching after the long heritage walk hence we just looked around admiring the place and thinking of the famous protest of '89 and listening with rapt attention to all that the guide was telling us. Next we drove to the Hutong district. Hutong is a maze of historic alleyways with single storey traditional courtyard style houses which are fast disappearing these days. We got into a gaily decorated rickshaw and took a ride through the narrow alleys. We were surprised to see garbage, street dogs and a whole lot of rubbish heaped in every nook and corner. Modernity had not touched this part of the city. We visited a local family to learn about the different thresholds of the courtyards. Men and women were separated by these courtyards in a family. The lady of the house we visited was very friendly and showed us an album where she has posed with famous personalities who have visited her house. The house was quite untidy and dusty but she was not bothered about it. While we were riding in the rickshaw after visiting the local house it started raining heavily, we had to cut short our ride and hop into the car to reach our hotel. It was a day of long walks, head loaded with history, culture and traditions of this mystifying city.

  • Superb three days stay at Beijing, filled with history, culture and traditions
  • Superb three days stay at Beijing, filled with history, culture and traditions
  • Superb three days stay at Beijing, filled with history, culture and traditions
  • Superb three days stay at Beijing, filled with history, culture and traditions

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Bhavesh Swami

Bhavesh Swamiratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

4 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

China for the eyes of a backpacker

What happens when you have to travel on Sunday and the visa arrives on Friday evening, well chaos and lot more chaos . . I was not at all sure if the visa would come in time, so had not prepared for other stuff too. Moreover, there were work commitments, so wanted to finish that on time, else you know your bosses So, finally had some hours on Saturday to prepare myself. Thought that now a days, when you have Google, there should not be a problem. Within a few clicks, came to knew that Google and associated services are banned in China (one more shock, how would I search a hotel, train and what about Gmail, world would stop without it). And to my horror, all this was true when I connected to the net there. I thought of having a translator app that would help, what else can a helpless guy do. Booked a room on AIR B&B, quite a pro, I would say. Helped clinch a good place with lot of travellers around, so helped me check the tourist itinerary, this was the intention Just then, got to knew that there is a sort of survival helpline on we-chat (mind you, Chinese prefer their own stuff except Apple, which they have almost accepted as their own, and why not, when you are manufacturing for the world, there seems no second thoughts on Apple too). This service, GRAB-TALK was a big relief, chatting with the staff, I was told one can book tickets for trains, buses, monuments and almost everything that comes to your mind. Come this in India, do we have something similar on whatsapp or any platform, for that matter (someone told me ASKME is quite close, honestly speaking, I found them general service provider, not a travel friendly one). Here goes an Indian, with a comparison in mind of where do we stand against China (in general). As I landed, the first comparison came alive. There was a thick smog all around, I sighted a relief, we are equal. Development cost you at least that much. Beyond this, nothing I could say I found was comparable Think of office, mall or any building, for a Delhiwalla, these all were huge, huge, huge I would say. Metros is the lifeline of Beijing and they are expanding it at the rate of 10-50 kms every year. By this I mean, a new line or stretch is opened for public, every now and then, Hats off their E. Sridharan GRAB-TALK booked me tickets for Beijing Sightseeing, entrance to Forbidden city, train tickets for Tianjin and many other places. They also helped me translate via pictures. I sent them image of a place and ask what this stands for, pet cam the reply in just a few seconds that this is a eatery, barber shop, milk booth or whatever (as they had closed doors otherwise) Had a good time hopping around China, went to suburban towns as well. Chinese too have adopted Starbucks, KFC, Subway and others with open arms and you can choose from the available menu (in English. Yes, available . Ha ha) By the way, women are totally safe, they were in shorts, enjoying in open, travelling by metro in wee hours but it all seemed normal. We need to learn a lot atleast in this area Can't say if this can be your first country of visit but at-least try to be there once. You get to know where do we compare. A strong collaboration between India - China can rock the world for sure, which somehow is not happening in the present scenario Long live Chairman MAO

  • Beijing
  • Trip to Beijing
  • Trip to Beijing
  • Trip to Beijing

Daraius Sumariwalla

Daraius Sumariwallaratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

3 reviewsPosted November 2014

A rich cultural place with its amazing food

Beijing has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions, food and entertainment . Travel around the local allyways and experience the true culture . . Eat at local small restaurants as they offer the best and most authentic food. Chinese food varies from place to place and thus, always ask where a dish is from to understand the background behind it

Bishwa nath Garodia

Bishwa nath Garodiaratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

2 reviewsPosted July 2013

Great experience

Beijing is the capital of china and its ahistorical city it offers great things to visit the 7th wonder of the world the great wall of china is also near by beside this there are many historical places worth visiting. It\'svery clean and friendly city.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Excellent Chinese,Thai Indian ,and Italian cuisines are available .there are plenty of vegetarian Buddhist Chinese restaurents in the city
You can shop various things but European branded products are expensive
One should look for Chinese products Chinese silk and pearls are worth buying

Activities & things to do: Take conducted tours so that language problem will not happen
In the evening stroll around streets and do window shopping.lot of bargaining
There are many cultural programs if one interested can visit

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Fly either to Hongkong or directly from Delhi.keep your travel documents and extra money in the hotel locker



7 reviewsPosted June 2013

A taste of Chinese architecture in Beijing

Beijing, the capital of china is the place where we enjoyed the most. The city is known for its rich culture, heritage buildings, beautifully landscaped gardens, palaces, history and of course one of the worlds greatest wonders, the great wall of china . . The tour of Beijing went quite well given the time constraint that we had but still managed to cover the most important attractions and when we think about it now we feel very happy about it. The endless walks, tiring legs, some weird food which we will never eat or taste, language problem (had to use sign language which was fun) and all the adventure will be remembered for ever. One should visit to experience.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Reached Beijing in the morning at around 10 am, checked in in the hotel, freshened up and immediately left for sight seeing as the place has a lot to offer. Started with The Forbidden Palace, a huge city surrounded by walls on all sides followed by Tiananmen Square situated in the city center. The next morning was followed by a visit to The Great Wall of China, one of the greatest wonders of the world. As we were there in the month of November it was very cold. Temperature went down to 0 to -2 degree C and the weather played tricks on us on the day we visited The Great Wall. That day was very windy. But the moment we saw The Great Wall we were spellbound and actually came to know why is it called The Great Wall :). Though we could not trek much due to weather conditions but whatever was covered is a lifetime experience. We also have a memento which says that we climbed The Great Wall Of China on so and so date :D. While returning back we had a Peking Duck dinner at a very world famous restaurant recommended by Lonely Planet(forgot the name :(). The night went well followed by next morning visit to Summer Palace with many beautiful palaces with Chinese architecture, beautifully landscaped gardens, classic architectural buildings, natural landscape of hills and lake. Evening was an interesting one as we visited The Weird Food Street where one will find food beyond ones imagination. Name it and you will find it, do not be surprised. Next day we took a tour to Temple of Heaven, a world heritage sight with religious buildings and gardens and Bird’s Nest Stadium.

Activities & things to do: Trek to the Great Wall, taste Peking Duck, Visit to Weird Food Street and stroll in the beautifully landscaped gardens and palaces.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: All the tourist spots are very well connected by Metro Rail which is recommended to use as this saves time as well as money and also gives one a chance to know the local people and their way of life in an entirely different country.

  • At Beijing Railway Station
  • Temple of Heaven
  • Summer Palace
  • Food street again



4 reviewsPosted March 2013

Good destination

Destination was very good, we have been to silk market where we purchased very good cloths and shoes, bags etc,

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Food was very testy, healthy food serves every where,very good quality food, site seeing was also very good, big big buildings, very excellent design constructions.

Activities & things to do: i have to plan to visit once more

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: we have been traveled from Chennai via bankok to Beijing by flight.

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