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Swapnil Bhandarkar

Swapnil Bhandarkarratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

6 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

An out of the world experience - just next door!

Bhutan is like that green, lush garden in your neighbourhood that is so easily accessible and yet you rarely go there and instead prefer to go to the nearest multiplex or mall to spend your weekends. Then one day you just happen to go to the garden and ask yourself why you go there earlier to sit in the lap of nature, but instead wasted all that time chasing the artificial monuments (at an inflated price that is) One of the more often missed countries while planning budget travels, this tiny neighbour of India has everything. From mountains to rivers, from polite and smiling people to tech-savvy monks, from momos to parathas, this country has it all to make to make your trip the most memorable one. And of course, the people. The people are always smiling, always polite and soft-spoken. No wonder Bhutan is called the happiest country in the world. Another thing that separates Bhutan from India's other northeastern tourist destinations (read Gangtok) is that the government of Bhutan has not commercialized the tourism. The way our tourist spots are overflowing with tourists and the related problems they bring with it, are not to be found in Bhutan anywhere. As a result, all the tourist spots in Bhutan are spanking clean, despite the increased tourist influx in the recent years. We went to Bhutan in March-2017 and spent a lovely 10-11 days in the Tourism triangle - Thimphu, Paro and Punakha. Normally you don't need more than 7 days to cover all these places, but we wanted to cover a few more places such as the Phobjikha Valley and Chele La Pass/Haa Valley but due to weather not permitting.

Ashwin Shah

Ashwin Shahratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

6 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Trip to Bhutan .

V visited Bhutan for 7nights / 8days in May - June this year . Booking through Nature's Wings - Kolkata . Amazing Beauty . Wonderful location . Serene surrounding . Very Co operative people . Good Hotels at reasonable price . Tasty food. Chalala pass ., Haa Valley, Paro, Punakha, Thimpu . The place visited by us . V got Rejuvenated & enjoyed . Really worth . What a lovely & peaceful place to go . Also for younger generation, there are many adventures . Hiking, River Rafting, Mountaineering . Very good atmosphere . The people are really joyous & one can see Satisfaction on everyone's face . Also Mr. Saha of Nature's wings chalked out very good iternery for us. Best of all Was Dhumra Farm Resort at Punakha . The owner also very nice . It wasn't truly memorable stay .

Kabilan Arasu

Kabilan Arasuratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

3 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Serenity in the land of the thunder dragon

Bhutan is simply not called the land of gross national happiness. The smiles start right from the time you take the ruk air from Delhi till your back to India. We had been there earlier too and we keep going back time and again for the warmth of the people and culture. The places to see there in a weeks trip are Thimphu, paru, punukha and Haa.
There are popular websites which give you the package. We stayed in organization provided accommodation so it turned out to be cheaper. There are lots of options at Norzin lam which is the main street/road of Thimphu. The food available are bhutanese, indian and chinese. There are other options in Thimphu. I would personally recommend Buddha point and visit to the Drenching palace at Thimphu as well as the local market in Thimphu. It is cold all through the year at Bhutan. So, take warm clothes, but its sunny during the day till 3 pm. If you still want to laze around and not do much, its still a idyllic place sipping coffee in your hotel room and smell the fresh air of Himalayas.

Trupti Vartak

Trupti Vartakratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

3 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Perfect and peaceful

A totally carbon free lush green peaceful country is Bhutan. So serene so untouched and beautiful ..
Not recommended for senior citizens above 60 or 65 yrs of age or for those having any knee problem.
Must visit places are Thimphu Punakha wangdue and Paro. A very small country with population just of 8 lakh people is a very clean beautiful and disciplined country.
People follow traffiic rules. No Honking no speeding no over taking so it was a great relief for us who went there from Mumnbai.
We did not travel by direct flights. We took flights to and from Bagdogra and travelled via Foundling to Timphu -our first destination.
Food is a big problem in Bhutan. Poori bhaji aaloo paratha bread omelette is what you will get to eat at most places for breakfast. Lunch you can try Dal fry rice chicken curry and just to try Ema Dasty is a good dish.
Trekking the tigers nest or the Taktsang Monastery is an experience of a life time. The trek is hard and steep. We rode horses half way -1 hr 600 rs each which was very helpful and then we climbed for 3 hours. Comimg down was easy it took us 2 hours.
Rafting can be done at Punakha near the Dzong. They cahrge 1000 k per person and take 10 in a boat
Do Chu La pass is beautiful and a must visit while travelling towards Punakha.
The internal travelling is very tiring but the vehicles and roads are very good. The weather was very cold in October and stays so till march or may.



5 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Bhutan was very beautiful full of scenic beauty. The people were all polite helpful & smiling & well

Generally iit is quit cold there & warm clothes are a must. Most of the hotels do not have A/Cs or ceiling fans. This is the only country in the world which is carbon negative & they are proud of this fact. The people are well disciplined obey& the rules. The road crossings are to be done only at zebra crossings & offenders will be heavily fined. The guides will be giving all these briefings. Generally Indian currencies are accepted but only up to Rs 100/ notes with Rs 500 notes accepted in limited places.

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Ramya prabhakar

Ramya prabhakar

1 reviewPosted 3 years ago

Bhutan unwind ed

Bhutan had always been in my checklist. It was an all girl's trip. The entire trip was an adventure filled one. From delayed flight to raining cats and dogs to getting visa wrongly stamped, but it led to lot of fun. Living in a homestay was the best decision and learnt about their culture and lived like a Bhutanese. The love they shower on you is something which you will never get to experience anywhere. They know how to live happily and content with the things they have. They are not greedy and very helpful. The mountains, beautiful weather, rivers, varieties of food, humble people live up to the name of being called as The Happy Kingdom. I would love to settle down in Bhutan.

Durgesh ranganath Rajadhyaksha

Durgesh ranganath Rajadhyaksharatingratingratingratingratingrating3.9/5

9 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Bhutan - The Land of the Thunder Dragon

Excellent destination for those who love to enjoy nature at its best - peaceful - serene-green & the happiest people around.
Indian Citizens do not need a Visa. Permits are issued for 7 days to visit Thimpu & Paro districts free of cost. Immigration office is closed on Sat-Sun & their National Holidays & operates between 9 am to 5 pm. Apply with copy of Passport or Voters Id, Hotel Reservation Voucher & trip Itinerary & one colored photograph. Nearest Railway Station is Hasimara located at 17 Kms from Bhutan Border Gate & Alipurduar Junction / New Alipurduar Junction located at 60 Kms from the Bhutan Border Gate. Taxi & Auto Rickshaw's available to reach the border. After completion of Immigration process ( approx 2-4 Hrs ), proceed to Thimpu or Paro by Toyota Coaster Coach ( 18 seater Mini Buses 2 x 1 seats) - Approx 5-6 Hrs journey through mountaineous terrain prone to land slides. Taxi's also available - Nu / Rs. 300-500 per seat depending on time & season. Direct travel to Paro by Air is expensive, hence by Road recommended.
Once in Thimpu, hire a Cab for covering all the tourist spots, approx time from morning 10 am to evening 7 pm : Start with Textile Museum - Folklore Museum - Sangay Arts Gallery - Painting School, National Library - Takin Reserve & Watch Tower - Zilukha Nunnery & View Point - Buddha Point - C Lakhang - National Chorten - Zangthophelri Lakhang - GPO for Postal Museum - Coronation Park & arrive at Thimpu Dzong at 4. 30 pm to witness the Flag Down ceremony followed with visit to the Dzong ( Fortress consisting of King's Royal Secretariat & offices of ministeries of government & Monastries. Guided Tour offered with Nu 300 ticket from 5. 30 pm to 6. 30 pm Then visit the Handicrafts Market & return to city center at Clock Tower to spend the evening.
Next day plan day excursion to Punakha located 80 Kms away via the lovely Dochula Pass & The Royal Botanical Park spread across 100 Sq Kms en-route. ( Obtain Special Area Route Permit from Immigration office at Thimpu on previous day while sightseeing tour Very limited infrastructure at Punakha, hence day excursion recommended. Visit Punakha Dzong - Suspension Bridge - Chimi Lakhang - S Lhendrup Nunnery & return to Thimpu by evening. In case staying overnight at Punakha, advance reservation at any of the resorts is strongly recommended. For those using Public Transport like Bus to arrive here, stay at Khuruthang village located 4 Kms before Punakha. Damchen Resort along the river is recommended & for those on Budget travel, Lingar Hotel also along the riverside is recommended. For those travelling by car, multiple options available in radius of 5-8 Kms . . Avoid Phobjikha as currently roads are in bad state.
Proceed to Paro & do local sightseeing by Cab in afternoon. Visit Paro Dzong - Watch Tower & Ta Dzong - Museum - Ruins of Drugyel Monastry - Kichu lakhang. Next day, plan Trek to Tigers Nest - Approx 4 Hrs to reach the top & another 3 Hrs to descend. 1 hour to explore the place. Dress Code - Full Sleeves dress for ladies, Full trousers for gents & ladies. Closed between 1 - 2 pm. Carry lots of drinking water & biscuits / chips to munch on the way. Cafeteria available halfway on the trek. While returning to Border, if travelling by Cab, drive via Haa & Chela-la Pass - lovely scenic views. ( Spl area route permits for any district other than Paro & Thimpu, issued from Immigration office at Thimpu Mon-Fri

Sofia Nalwaya

Sofia Nalwayaratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

3 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Bhutan the land of gross national happiness

Bhutan, aptly put as the land of happiness. The contentment of the country lingers long after you have left it. The cultur, honesty and safety of the country are worth emulating. It's a perfect destination for those seeking peace, away from the thick throngs of people packing majority of hill stations. Thimphu is a bit of a disappointment for nature lovers as the view has been obstructed by the multitudes of construction. I would Suggest a singl day is enough for Thimpu. However the Dzongs situated at not quite easily approachable places makes it ideal for decking. Punaka, the old
Capital, deserves a good 2/3 days stay with its rich heritage and other activities like rafting. The picturesque town of Paro is one of the most beautiful cities to visit. The activities ranging from pampering stone baths, luxurious spas, archery and of course tracking. The climb to the tigers nest is a day long activity
And those who plan so need at least 3 days in Paro. Try and get a resort with a valley view to make the maximum out of your stay in Paro. Bhutan is a perfect destination for those who seek relaxation in the lap of nature.

Kiran B kutinha

Kiran B kutinharatingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

15 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

In the Kingdom of Happiness!

It feels so right to be lost in the right direction.

Bhutan may be a traversed destination; but after having visited this paradise we ask ourselves why? This beautiful country has definitely been on our bucket list for multiple reasons and let me start by saying Bhutan did not disappoint in anyway; in fact it surprised us at every point. It is the first country to adopt happiness as a measure of success and this does translate in every aspect. Just when you think you've seen, heard and felt it all, you find yourself standing in correction. Known as the, Land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan is exotic, mystical, almost otherworldly- It feels that way too. This tiny country straddled by the Himalayas, is such a joy to travel to. It is truly a feast to the eyes and for every visitor a magical cultural experience.

It started off with a comfortable flight and then as we saw the breathtaking view outside our windows, it struck us that the Bhutan airport is said to be one with the most dangerous landing in the world. The airport is located 7, 300 feet above sea level, surrounded by 16, 000 feet Himalayan peaks, and has a landing strip only a mile long. It is said to be the only airport in the world where the altitude exceeds the length of the landing strip; therefore requiring pilots to dodge the mountains and houses on either side as they come in for landing. But honestly maybe we were exhilarated and intoxicated with the view outside that we think the only dangerous part of our landing was realizing this feeling of seeing something beautiful before you even land in a new country' may be much to beat.

Most will tell you Bhutan is one of the most unique places to visit on the planet and we could instantly see why. Once your feet touches the ground you just know you are in a very special place. The next few days were spent exploring the dzongs, marveling the exquisite Himalayas, eating chilies, chillies and more chillies with cheese, understanding a little about Buddhism and creating possibly one of the most unique travel experiences of our lives. We immersed ourselves in the gorgeous dzongs, temples, monasteries and more. Every place we stepped into; gave us back something unexplainable. Sometimes it was the architectural magnificence, sometimes it was the delicious local cuisine and a lot of times it was the warm hospitality from the locals.

Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan has much to offer; from the Cheri Monastery, textile museums, preserves, spin prayer wheels at the Memorial Chorten, or the Buddha Dordenma (which is said to be the largest sitting Buddha in the world). Our visit to Punakha also was equally overwhelming with the amazing Punakha Dzong sitting on the banks of the alluring Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu Rivers with its intense distinguishing color confluence and crossing the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan. The Dochula Pass deserves a mention, it is a high mountain pass (3, 150 meters) on the road between Thimphu and Punakha, here we could get a glimpse of snookered Himalayas. In Thimphu we got to experience what a crazy exciting night out with the locals on Christmas Eve can feel like and let me tell you it was awesome being the only tourist in the nightclub. Well, then it was time to move on to Paro; a historic town with many sacred sites and historical buildings scattered through the area. It is significant for being home to the International airport and your base to start the hike up Tiger's Nest. Here we had some of the yummiest local buffets and also tried the absolutely traditional drink Ara (a home brewed multi-grain wine).

And of course finally the hike we've been badly looking forward to- Tiger's Nest, also known as Paro Takstang. This is a Buddhist temple complex which clings to a cliff, 3120 meters above the sea level overlooking a spectacular valley. As we climbed this very steep trail over the vertical switchbacks and dirt uneven paths, the monastery seems to appear and disappear in and out of the trees and the misty skies. It took us a couple of hours of slow but even paced climb to arrive at the entrance to the Tiger's Nest, a rock overlooking a vast chasm, with the monastery on the one side. Beneath this promontory of rock, and across the chasm from the monastery, the cliff drops a couple of thousand feet to a gorge below. Carved into the exposed cliff face are about 700 stone steps leading you to the famous Tiger's Nest monastery. This hike has to be one of our most memorable ones to date, the hike was quiet, serene and very exciting; we were possibly amongst the first few to commence and return to base having started at the first light of day, the altitude acclimation, minus temperatures and off-beaten paths gave us a sense of achievement on completion (and yes, it called for a beer celebration on our return to base).

Visiting Bhutan has been an unforgettable experience, we are thrilled we could do this and there's no saying when the mountains will call us back. It's glorious, larger than life yet humble in its own restrained manner. It's one of those travel goals we got to tick off our list and it was just exciting. Absolutely stunning and fascinating in equal parts and that's what makes it one for the memories.

  • In the Kingdom of Happiness!
  • In the Kingdom of Happiness!
  • In the Kingdom of Happiness!
  • In the Kingdom of Happiness!

Nivi Selvaraj

Nivi Selvarajratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Bewitching Bhutan - The land of happiness

Bhutan is full of surprises. Bhutan is definitely not one of the usual countries. It's one of the few remaining royal kingdoms in the world. Why should you visit this country at least once in your lifetime.
1. For its unscathed beauty and the epic panoramic views.
2. To learn that wealth measure the strength of the culture.
3. Chillies are their pride.
4. To teach you to travel responsibly.
5. To experience something that you can't anywhere else.
To visit this magical land, Indians need to get permit from Bhutan Immigration Office. For non-Indians, a valid passport and visa is mandatory.
Bhutan is famous for its Tiger nest monastery in Paro. Only few parts of the country are open to tourists. Paro, Punakha, Thimphu are the major tourist cities.
And spring is the best time to visit the place. Chillies are the major ingredient in their dishes. It is considered as vegetable rather than spice. When travelling to Bhutan, never forget to try their ema datshi and suja tea(butter tea).

  • Bewitching Bhutan - The land of happiness
  • Bewitching Bhutan - The land of happiness
  • Bewitching Bhutan - The land of happiness

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