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Peace in temple is uncomparable

Peace in temple is uncomparable  Video Review

Jade Buddha Temple

Rahul Kedia
16th Nov 16

I am heading to China

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1Glass Skywalk, Tianmenshan
Glass Skywalk, Tianmenshan

This one in China, is strictly for those with nerves of steel and a strong stomach for adventure. Also known as “The Walk of Faith”, this glass skyway's sole purpose is to scare the life out of you and probably leaving you breathless in the process. Being just 1.6 meters wide and located 1430 meters above sea level, it makes sure your brain starts spinning the moment you try to take it on. If you can move past the fear, it rewards you with possibly one of the best views you're ever likely to experience!
Best time to visit: April to October
Tip: Avoid going here with the elderly.


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2Gua Sha
Gua Sha

If the above image gives you an impression of someone having been whipped, we have news for you- it is nothing but one of the practices of ancient Chinese healing and is known as Gua Sha. The technique involves scraping the problem ares of your skin to produce light bruising, leading to enhanced blood flow and relief from stiffness.

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3The G20 Summit, China
The G20 Summit, China

China as a country is a riveting jumble of remarkably diverse in its geography, culture, traditions and the social setup. The rate of China’s development is unmatched in human history. But the newly risen empire of China is laid down on the grounds of traditions practised since Han dynasty (220 BC–220 AD). The landscapes of China span the range from transcendental sapphire lakes of Tibet, stoic deserts of Mongolia, the modish Hong-Kong or the great Wall of China which zigzags across mountain peaks.


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4Beaten by the economic meltdown, he now makes a living by travelling, Robert Schrader
Beaten by the economic meltdown, he now makes a living by travelling, Robert Schrader

Robert was not sure how to live his dream of travelling the world. He did not have the confidence or the finances to undertake his escapade. His chance came in 2009 when he left America and moved to China. From then on he has travelled to more than 50 countries and earns his money by running, Leave Your Daily Hell, a travel blog to inspire, inform, entertain, and empower other would-be escape artistes, like him.

Robert believes that the surest way to make the most out of life is to become more aware of what we share this planet with and to expand our definition of whats  possible. And how do you do that? Travelling!


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5The scenic Tiger Leaping Canyon!
The scenic Tiger Leaping Canyon!

Made by the Yangtze River in southwestern China, this one is all about the stunning vistas. Also considered the deepest canyon in the world, the adventure never ends here as the narrowest point in this canyon is a mere 30 m.

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Tribawan kaul

Tribawan kaul2.1/5

1 review

Difficulties faced in touring china

The rich culture could have been so much more enjoyed if the Chinese did not have an insularity with respect to their language and they hardly make any effort to improve this aspect. Indeed one fears getting lost and isolated as almost no one can understand you ... Not that they would not help ... They are quite decent people but communicating to them is a daunting experience and very little effort is made to out the tourist at ease. In addition several silly rules like not permitted to visit some common public areas for example England market in Shenzen city makes a tourist wonder if visiting China is worth the effort because at the end if the day he feels lost and isolated. One also has to be prepared to receive a big cultural shock regarding food as it is so different in taste and composition compared to most parts of the world .. Whereas food experience to be looked forward to but here one cannot be sure what one is getting ... There is no effort towards putting the tourist or visitor at ease in this matter so much so a visitor feels positively miffed except for the extremely adventurous type.

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Nivedith Gajapathy

Nivedith Gajapathy4.3/5

62 reviews

A tourist's passage over spectacular China

You haven't experienced the world enough if you haven't been to China. My family trip looked to uncover Chinese heritage, catch up on its rich cuisine and blend into modern skyscrapers that seem to tower above the clouds.

After reaching the New Delhi Airport, we got through security and were en route to China. One minor flaw in our executed plan was that we forgot to get a present for my childhood friend that invited us to Beijing. We have been more fortunate to have US dollars on our person as we purchased several boxes of Indian sweets.

After showing our passports to the counter and our boarding cards, we took off on a comfortable Air China plane and touched down in Beijing. The city was absolutely magnificent as we made our way to Chandan's house through the busy city streets.

Our cabbie was very warm natured and settle for anything above the minimum charge. He even suggested we try a few Chinese restaurants nearby for authentic chow mein, fried rice, and General Tso's, well all vegetarian options for me.

As dawn surfaced above the skyline, we were off to the Forbidden City, the amazing Summer Palace and finally ending our journey at the sombre Temple of Heaven. After lunch, we found ourselves at the Olympic grounds and made our way through a number of stadiums that looked incredibly futuristic.

The Yunnan Province had a great scenery and heritage that seemed to make our readings come alive. The Lijiang and Shangri-La were most exciting and as we continued our journey through unexplored China.

The Chinese bullet trains made our travel all the more exhilarating as we watched the screens above for video footage of the rear of the train and the train's speed! We booked all our tickets at the station and made our way to the restaurant coach whenever we needed to stretch our legs.

At our final destination, we were at Lhasa and at first glance, it looked like we were looking at an over sized postcard. The Potala Palace was first on the list followed by the Labrang Monastery in Xiahe which is a cultural and spiritual hub for millions of Tibetans across the globe.

The minute you exchange a few sentences with the locals in Mandarin, they will begin to look after you even more. At times, some are so welcoming that you will be requested to join them for a meal. On our return flight to Beijing, we stopped over at Chandan's house before exploring a few more tourist spots and took the late night flight back to Delhi.

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China Overview

China is a multifaceted country, a derivative of an ancient civilisation, a modern nation and an entity with a global presence. The country was named by traveller Marco Polo. Its name originates from the Persian name Cin. The cultural influence emanating from China is known to span across the whole of East Asia.

China is known to have influenced the customs, religion and writing systems of other countries such as Korea, Japan and Vietnam.  The capital city of China is Beijing. Other main cities comprise Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Harbin, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hong Kong and Chengdu.

China has a continuous history spanning over 4,000 years. This puts it amongst the oldest civilisations in the world. Chinese history is divided into ancient, imperial and modern ages.

The history of China comprises many dynasties that ruled the country at different points of time. Some of the dynasties include Xia, Shang, Zhou, Quin, Han, Xin, Jin, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing. The modern part of the history begins with the People's Republic of China (1949 - present).

The advent of civilisation in China led to the invention of writing in the region. The Shang dynasty used Oracle bones for inscribing scripts for forecasting the future. This is the oldest form of Chinese writing. The characters used in this script have influenced the modern Chinese characters prevalent today. In fact, these characters are used throughout the whole of East Asia.

Present-day estimate of the population of China is 1,33,01,41,295 people. According to the 2000 census, the varied ethnic groups in China include Han Chinese, Manchu, Miao, Mongol, Korean and Tibetan amongst others.

The Han Chinese is known to dominate the Chinese population with 91.5% presence. The people of China follow various religions such as Taoism, Buddhism, Muslim and Christian. Mandarin is the language of the country, which is also known as Putonghua. 

China is politically led by the Communist Party of China. China as an area was first unified by the Qin dynasty in 221 B.C. This unification continued till the Manchu dynasty, when it was finally replaced by the modern People's Republic of China in 1949. Today, it comprises 22 provinces other than Taiwan, 5 municipalities ruled by the State Council and 5 autonomous regions that consist of Tibet amongst others.

There are numerous world heritage sites in China. The popular ones are Forbidden City (Beijing), Great Wall of China, Old Town Lijiang, Summer Palace (Beijing), Temple of Heaven and Mount Taishan (Shandong).

Other heritage sites include Shaolin Temple, Suzhou Gardens and Terracotta Army (Xian). Moreover, tourist attractions within China consist of cruises along the rivers Yangtze and Li, Yellow Mountain (Huangshan), The Bund (Shanghai), West Lake (Hangzhou) and Giant Pandas.

Located in north-east Asia, China spreads across an area of 95, 96,961 sq km. The area has diverse terrains with mountains, hills, deltas, plateaus and deserts, with climate changes from south to north.

While the northern climate remains subarctic, the southern climate is tropical in nature. The summers in the country are extremely hot and winters are harsh. Fall or autumn, from September to November is considered the best time to visit.

Photos of China

Skiing, China

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Animesh Roy

burd nest stadium ,china

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City of China

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Visa: Prior application

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Transit time: 9 hrs from major cities

Cost ₹ 9,500 per person

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