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The Viharamahadevi Park (in the past Victoria Park) is an open stop situated in Colombo, by the National Museum in Sri Lanka. It is the most seasoned and biggest stop of the Port of Colombo. Arranged before the pioneer time Town Hall fabricating, the park is named after Queen Viharamahadevi, the mother of King Dutugamunu. The park was based ashore given to the Colombo city by Charles Henry de Soysa amid the British lead of Sri Lanka, and used to be named "Victoria Park" after Queen Victoria. Amid World War II it was involved by the British Army with Australian seventeenth Brigade based at Victoria Park. After the war the park was reestablished and open to general society in 1951.


The Viharamahadevi Park, initially named as 'Victoria Park' after Queen Victoria, is an open stop arranged before the Town Hall working in Colombo. The park was renamed in 1958 after the Queen Viharamahadevi, the mother of King Dutumagmu who accepted to be one of the best lords in the Sri Lankan history.

Albeit encompassed by occupied streets and structures in Cinnamon cultivates in Colombo, Viharamahadevi stop is a beautiful fix of greenery and perfect for the sake of entertainment recreations, social events, and sun showering and for some more. The park has a colossal Buddha statue, arrangement of drinking fountains, a smaller than expected zoo and youngsters' play zone.

Reason to Visit

The park features incorporate a gigantic Buddha statue and a progression of drinking fountains. It additionally incorporates a small zoo, a youngsters' play territory and a BAC Jet Provost. The Viharamahadevi Park is the main vast scale open stop in Colombo, and is kept up by the Colombo Municipal Council. Situated at its western end is the Cenotaph War Memorial, Colombo and the Colombo Public Library. The Vihara Maha Devi Park Open Air Stadium is a scene for shows and open occasions.

The park was built up with the planting of its first tree, an Oak, by a meeting German Princess. The Nanu Oya River goes through the park, making various little beautiful lakes that extraordinarily improve the park's common magnificence. An extensive number of uncommon winged creature species can be found in the park. At the most distant end of the park is a little kids' play area and scaled down ridable railroad.

Entry Guidelines

There are three false passages to the park - false on the grounds that now they've taken off the entire fence around the range, so you can stroll in from wherever. The drawback of this urban arranging is that the nearby craftsmen's works of art we wanted to cruise by, inclining toward the park's steel fence, are no more. One stroll in is appropriate inverse Park Street, the other from alongside the Public Library, and the third by the extensive Buddha statue inverse Town Hall. Strolling in through the Town Hall end, you'll locate the long square pools of water in the middle, the aquarium on the far left end, the lake, suspension connect, treat floss and horse rides on the far right, and the World War dedication at the south end.

Where to Eat

Sri Lanka and South Indian sustenance share a great deal in like manner, and numerous nearby eateries will depict their menus as Sri Lankan and South Indian. By and large, in Sri Lanka, the sustenance is extremely modest with a modest supper costing about a dollar or two. The most costly traveler orientated places from time to time charge more than ten dollars. Eating out in Sri Lanka is not in any way an issue. Indeed, this wonderful Island furnishes you with various treats to browse. Aside from the conventional Sri Lankan sustenance you can discover a wide range of foods here. There are various eateries taking into account the requirements of individuals partial to worldwide cooking.

Nearly in any road in downtown areas you are certain to run over a little bistro, or a café. (The vast majority of them are called 'Hotels'). These "Hotels" regularly offer feast bundles which contain rice and curry, and a gathering of fiery rolls called 'short eats' which are perfect in the event that you require a snappy chomp to eat.

Sri Lankans additionally appreciate a lot of fish talented by the Indian sea. You will appreciate the essence of Devilled prawns, cuttlefish, and other fish curries, for example, kind sized prawns, tidal pond and ocean crab cooked in scorching curries, western style or flame broiled on a sizzling BBQ spit and is served at hotels and little beachside eateries.

Another novel Sri Lankan strength is "Kottu Roti"; a mixture of cleaved roti, vegetables and your decision of meat which tastes best when made crisp by road sellers.

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Reviews and Ratings

Subramania Pallavoor

Subramania Pallavoor5.0/5

35 reviews


Located right opposite the independence square, the park's vast expanse and greenery is soothing to the eyes. It is akin to our own cubbon park located in Bangalore with well laid out pathways and trees lining the place.

Jagdish Raval

Jagdish Raval3.6/5

415 reviews

A public park

In our city tour, my son and his wife decided to shop from Shop", a small mall, while I, My wife andMy granddaughter decided to visit this park in front of the mall. This park is a medium size garden forPublic. There are some games for kids. There is no fees either for entry or for games. A neat and clean park.Can spend some spare time.
  • A public park
  • A public park

Waghmare Vicky

Waghmare Vicky4.3/5

17 reviews

Destinatiin for Park lovers and readers

This park is spread across 35+ acres. The busiest roads goes around park. It's located next to town hall and central public library.It's interior is silent and good place to spend lonely time reading or writing diary. It's cool place to hang out with your loved ones all times during the day. Food City, Arpico stores are nearby so you can buy snacks, ice creams etc. Gangaramaya Temple is located Opp Park Street.All in all good place to hangout.Happy Traveling.

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Govindan Naganathan

Govindan Naganathan4.3/5

163 reviews

A Nice Park

The Viharamahadevi Park is a public park located in Colombo, near the National Museum in Sri Lanka. It is the oldest and largest park in Colombo. Situated in front of the colonial-era Town Hall building, White House the park is named after Queen Viharamahadevi, the mother of King Dutugamunu. There are facilities for children to play and also boating facility in the park. The park covers a large area with well laid walk ways and shaded by trees. This is a nice place to visit with kids in the evening. The white house opposite to the park houses government offices and has a magnificent view

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  • A Nice Park
  • A Nice Park
  • A Nice Park
  • A Nice Park

Vidyasagar Mehta

Vidyasagar Mehta5.0/5

97 reviews

Oldest and largest park of the Port of Colombo

The Viharamahadevi Park is a public park located in Colombo, next to the National Museum in Sri Lanka. It is the oldest and largest park of the Port of Colombo. The entrance of park has a statue of lord Buddha and travellers a word of advice never click pick facing your back towards lord Buddha people feel its an offence.
  • Oldest and largest park of the Port of Colombo
  • Oldest and largest park of the Port of Colombo

Varun Chadha

Varun Chadha3.9/5

7 reviews

Nice place for picnic and relaxation

Good place for a picnic or a family outing. Best time to visit is between 3 to 6 pm when there's good weather and low sunlight or during early morning. It has attractions like separate playing area for kids, a small lake, bridge, joggers area and cycling area. Be prepared to take out at least 2-3 hours for visiting the whole park and also the endurance to walk around this beautiful 5-6km stretch.

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Photos of Viharamahadevi Park

Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo

Photo by

Jagdish Raval

Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo
Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo

Photo by

Jagdish Raval

Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo

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