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Desert safari in car in Dubai

It was awesome experience. With my hubby with a fantastic safari there was all around desert till we were able to see it was feeling like we were in roller coaster with so many ups and downs .. In the end we went to camp and had dinner and saw belly dance that was lovely experience in Dubai

Prashanth Dsouza

Prashanth Dsouzaratingratingratingratingratingrating4.6/5

28 reviews

Lived up to my expectation

We had 2 4*4s pick us up from Al Nahda at around 4 pm. The oldies we in one and the we were in the other. By the time the we reached the dunes with the tyres deflated to around 15 psi it was past 5 pm. Stopped briefly at the start of the safari for pictures in the dunes. The our driver a charming guy from Pakistan showed us his talents. It was really thrilling the way he maneuvered the dunes. One of the novice drivers ahead of us go stuck atop of 1 dune. So we had to spend some time till he was towed away, from where he could start again. Then it was another 15 mins of thrill till we reached the middle of the desert where we did sand boarding which is pretty boring but was fun for the kids. Yes we had 2 and half year olds. They we headed to another place 15 mins away just in time for the sunset and did some camel ride which was just a short round. Here we had some drinks with starters with some traditional dance performances including the fantastic belly dancing.

The dinner was below par. In the middle of it all we did head out to the darker part of the desert. To sleep on the dunes and gazing at the stars was such a beautiful experience some thing s for free are the most amazing :

Finally we were dropped back by 9. 30 pm

Deepak Yadav

Deepak Yadavratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

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Adrenaline rush

Our first day in Dubai was dedicated to desert safari. Our preferred land cruiser picked us from the hotel. Hummer was also available for an extra charge but we curbed our desire to travel in it coz friends who had already experienced safari told us that safari is best enjoyed in a land cruiser. On the way we stopped at a place which was like a small stopover for people going to safari where we enjoyed driving desert bikes although it was a bit expensive. The corn roasted on coal we ate there was the sweetest we ever had in our lives. Then, we saw the strangest thing happening. Our driver and other drivers were deflating the tyres themselves. When we inquired, we were told that tyres need to have very less air for perfect grip on sand while dune bashing in desert. Then we moved directly to the desert and actually in the desert. The roads disappeared and the fun ride started. Our driver started a bit slowly to make us comfortable but after a few minutes our hearts were in our mouth as the cruiser moved up and down, along the dangerous curves at unimaginable angles. The driver was perfect and he increased our thrill quotient by some extra stunts. We stopped for a while right in the desert for some pics and getting our breath back. Then he started again and we enjoyed it as much as we can. On the way we had our dinner in a resort in the desert which is meant to serve people returning from safari. There we were greeted in traditional way and saw some shows including belly dancing. Though the food served there was horrible but we were happy with our experience of dune bashing. Thanks to our driver whose name I don't remember.

  • Adrenaline rush
  • Adrenaline rush
  • Adrenaline rush
  • Adrenaline rush

Mustafa Bohra

Mustafa Bohraratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

29 reviews

Try desert safari if you ever being to Dubai

My friend ask me for desert safari and I said 'yes' to him from here the game begins. I bagpack my needy item and went to the pickup point, what I saw? Guess what? A hummer a black hummer is waiting for us, what a car, what an experience of that safari. Hummer is a very powerful car with no doubt, it's a giant, a beast, when it runs on sand dunes you can feel the power and the ride is like you are riding a roller coaster. Awesome experience, remember you have different packages to chose not every agency will give you hummer ride but only few, most likely cars are land cruiser and similar XUV's. Now come near the tent area, there is camel ride, quad biking and many more to do. When you go inside the camp you will see a lot of stalls there. Few items are free and few are chargeable. In the evening you can enjoy ' TANNURA Dance' and BELLy DANCE, after the performances you can have your meal. Of you can take your meal watching these performances, the dinner is included in your packages.

  • Try desert safari if you ever being to Dubai
  • Try desert safari if you ever being to Dubai
  • Try desert safari if you ever being to Dubai
  • Try desert safari if you ever being to Dubai

Sankar Narayanan

Sankar Narayananratingratingratingratingratingrating4.6/5

57 reviews

It's a pack of fun, food and adventure

'It's a pack of fun, food and adventure' and that's Desert Safari!!

Bash the sand dunes, ride the camel and enjoy a BBQ dinner all wrapped up for you just hours before the sunset in the vast sands of the deserts of Dubai.

The long drive in the broad roads of Dubai from the city center takes about an hour to reach the desert. Four wheel drive SUVs line up for the sand dune bashing and start together for this adventurous drive. The efficient drivers take you to the high sand dunes and bring you down to the surface.

It's altogether a thrilling experience to see the sand being splashed on all the sides of the mighty tyres of the SUVs. It's a real adventure to go through this sand dune bashing.

From the machine to the animal back. Yes it's the camel ride. It's fun to sit on the camel back. I have opted out of this ride because I have had this fun in the deserts of Jaisalmer in India already. It's an awesome sight to see the sunset in the desert.

In a small hamlet, a BBQ dinner buffet is arranged. The BBQ dinner followed by a belly dance and a dance by the native artist was enjoyable. After this fun and frolic filled evening we returned to our hotel.

  • It's a pack of fun, food and adventure
  • It's a pack of fun, food and adventure
  • It's a pack of fun, food and adventure
  • It's a pack of fun, food and adventure

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111 reviews

A taste of dessert ride and Arabian nights

If in Dubai, one must get the real feel of the desert land by taking a dessert safari with BBQ dinner, tickets for which are available with every hotel. The trip starts with a pick up from your hotel in a big SUV. After picking up all from various hotels, the SUVs farther at a designated place where the tires are deflated by 50% before entering the sandy desserts. The vehicles are driven over multiple sand dunes like a roller coaster ride. Then the tourist is allowed to roam around the sands.
Later, all vehicles head to a dessert camp where arrangements are made to a buffet dinner while watching various Arabian dances including the famous belly dancing.
Finally, all tourists are dropped back to their hotels. The tour costs apx 115 AED and is definitely worth going for.

  • A taste of dessert ride and Arabian nights
  • A taste of dessert ride and Arabian nights
  • A taste of dessert ride and Arabian nights
  • A taste of dessert ride and Arabian nights

Siddharth Kumar

Siddharth Kumarratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

3 reviews

Experience the Up, Down and Swirl around

At first we were not sure what would Desert Safari experience would be. We used Arabian nights as the operator and they were very professional in their dealing. The dune bashing gave us great thrill and superb experience. The resting time on top of the dunes during sunset was a treat to watch. Our son (8 yrs) Pranet loved it so much that he wants to go back.

The dinner and belly dancing was very cool.

  • Desert Safari
  • Arabian dress
  • Desert Safari during sunset

Ruchi Srivastava

Ruchi Srivastavaratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

36 reviews

Dubai Desert Safari, gives an awesome experience with chill weather at night

We went for Dubai Desert Safari during our Dubai tour. We were picked from the hotel by a Tata Sumo along with another Indian family. Seating was on SIC basis and people were not bothered that my mother is 70. Even the driver who was supposed to take care of us was not bothered.

We reached the destination which was a Camel Farm. The visitors need to ensure that they get all pictures and see Camel Farm before moving ahead. Because we do not visit Camel Farm on return.

We went for dune bashing in another Tata Sumo. They have a big cavalcade of Sumos. Dune bashing was very good and makes you feel that you are sitting in a roller coaster ride.

Then we reached the Farm where whole program was arranged. We watched Kavalari and Belly Dancing. It was very good and food served was awesome.

After this came the most difficult part, you have to go back with the same driver you came with. So, you have to find him and go back with him and ours was nowhere found and nights in the Desert gets chilly.

When we returned we were able to see Dubai lights and it is safe to say that Dubai is beautiful.

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