Grand Mosque Ratings & Reviews

Milan Shah

Milan Shahratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

10 reviews

Beautiful Mosque

Absolutely stunning! Also houses the largest Persian carpet in the world. I would recommend, as a female, to bring your own scarf and to wear long pants and long sleeves. Otherwise, you will need to go into the women's dressing room where they will give you a gown with a hood attached. It is made of nylon and very hot to wear over your clothes. It must be worn for the entire visit. Lines at the beginning to collect the wristband required to enter are long. They move quickly. Very organized! Entrance is free. Just need to collect the wristband. There is also a security check right before starting the long walk to the mosque. Highly recommend making the stop to visit the mosque if you are in Abu Dhabi!

  • Beautiful Mosque

Sunitha Krishna

Sunitha Krishnaratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

10 reviews

One of the largest mosque of the world

One of the largest mosques in the world, the Grand Mosque, is well known for its architectural wonder. The mosque has the world's largest carpet and the third largest chandelier. The peculiarity of the mosque is that both Muslims and non-Muslims can visit the place.

Muhammed Suhail

Muhammed Suhailratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

1 review

Wonderful arch

The mosque accommodates 1200 worshipers and allows non-muslim visitors in the minarat only. The best place I have ever visited great modification. Wonderfully done with interiors and exterior.

Scher P

Scher Pratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

7 reviews

Grand Mosque, spectacular

One of the places you must visit - this place is exotic. The chandliers and decor is so grand and beautiful. This place is very clean. There is peace and feeling of holiness in this place. Must visit

Vijay Shah

Vijay Shahratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

5 reviews

Must see and good architecture

Your mind will not work when you will visit Grand Mosque. When ever your eyes can see will see very reach scene. Every thing is reach and unbelievable either it may carpet or craving in marble or white marble. You can not describe it's beauty in words. Salute to makers, planners and executes of Grand mosque.

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Fayaz Dhansay

Fayaz Dhansayratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

12 reviews

Amazingly beautiful

The design and art is unbelievable. You have to see it to believe it, is an example of Grand Mosque. Very grand and amazingly beautiful.



4 reviews

Its speciality is its marble

This is a marvellous structure. Its speciality is its marble which is laid in open area. The floor remains cool even in extreme hot climate. You can walk with bare feet.

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