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Stunt Action Spectacular

Stunt Action Spectacular  Video Review


Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

Find Your Favourite Idol Here

Find Your Favourite Idol Here  Video Review

Musee Grevin

Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

It's Magical!!!

It's Magical!!!  Video Review


Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

The Best Disney Experience - Part 1

The Best Disney Experience - Part 1  Video Review


Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

Very good museum for kids

Very good museum for kids  Video Review

Musee D'Orsay

Vic Channaraj
21st Jun 17

Opera House

Opera House  Video Review

Palais Garnier

Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

Meet Your Favourite Disney Characters

Meet Your Favourite Disney Characters  Video Review


Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17


Beautifulplace  Video Review

Eze Medieval Village

Vic Channaraj
8th Aug 17

Disney Entry main Street

Disney Entry main Street  Video Review


Vic Channaraj
2nd Jul 17

Beautiful Seaside Suburb

Beautiful Seaside Suburb  Video Review


Vic Channaraj
1st Jul 17

I am heading to France

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Reasons to go to France

1Ranveer Singh is a true football fan - Proof? This photo at the UEFA Euro 2016
Ranveer Singh is a true football fan - Proof? This photo at the UEFA Euro 2016

Aren't we all jealous! Germany’s Mesut Ozil’s news of retirement is just about out and Ranveer Singh is posing with the UEFA Euro 2016 winner’s trophy in Marseille, France. Ranveer tweeted a picture of the winner’s trophy and captioned the image “Eyes on the prize. #Gerfra . Lovin’ it”. 

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2Discover the fabled Grecian Underworld at Gorges du Verdon!
Discover the fabled Grecian Underworld at Gorges du Verdon!

Everyone knows about the world famous museums and architecture of France, few are aware of the secrets France hides, like this stunning gorge, which is definitely one of the most beautiful natural gorges on the planet. The gorge is surrounded by Alps and you can explore it by boating, kayaking or even mountain climbing!
Definitely not an experience for the faint of heart, this will be something you’d cherish forever! The Styx du Verdon here is believed to be one of the few passages to the Underworld from Earth, in Grecian mythology.


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3??The ??French ??Riviera:?? Wine,?? luxury?? and ??history!
??The ??French ??Riviera:?? Wine,?? luxury?? and ??history!

Romance, great food, natural beauty and amazing weather - Southern France conjures up images of paradise. A journey of dreams through a sun kissed Mediterranean? ?shoreline awaits you.

Get a slice of history amidst sprawling vineyards that have produced fine wine for kings in the past. The French Riviera is a colourful collage: delectable food and the sunny promenade in Nice, yachts and stardom in Cannes?, the good life in Monte? ?Carlo?, art and culture in Antibes?, isolated villages in the French? ?Alps?.

Plan your itinerary and customize routes using Avis?’ multiple pickup and drop points, enjoy the French Riviera on your own terms!


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4The gorgeous and happening French Riviera!
The gorgeous and happening French Riviera!

There's hardly anyone who hasn't heard of the tales of those stunning French beaches in the French Riviera. Lying along the Mediterranean coast of southeastern France, the French Riviera is a cluster of clean and ridiculously beautiful beaches and luxury beach resorts of Saint-Tropez, Cannes and even Monaco. With several ways leading to hidden coastal towns and villages, this area is now the epitome of luxurious beach getaways around the world and is always teeming with celebrities. 


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5Bordeaux, France
Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, in the southwest of France, is one of the largest wine regions in Europe. Sumar tells HolidayIQ, “no need to ask for wine, it's everywhere. It's french wine capital. Visited one very old Winery Chateau d'Agasac which was great.“ HolidayIQ reviewer Nishant says, “Bordeaux is the place of you are a wine lover. You can visit the vineyards and can see how vines are made. A must place to visit in France”. 

How to get there: Land in France, either directly at Bordeaux or at Paris which is about 590 km from away. 
Best time to visit: Visit between August and October. 


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Reviews (2)

Kanika mahi

Kanika mahi5.0/5

1 review

Fantastic France

I went to France and Switzerland in June. I must say it was one of the best vacation I had. We went to Paris first. A classic city, a combination of ancient and contemporary. Ancient architecture beautifully structured. Latest fashion and endless number brands. Disneyland is always a treat to go with children. After two nights stay in Paris we went to the French Riviera through train looking at the beautiful country side. We stayed at nice yet another beautiful city of France. Amazing crowd and an amazing place. Best part was the old town in nice. From nice we went to spent one day in Monte carlo and one day in Cannes. Monte carlo is an independent province. A hub for people who love to party, love for luxuries, casinos, high end brands. A place for multi-millionaires and billionaires. A class apart. Whereas Cannes is a small city with beautiful beaches, high end shopping. The experience in France was really amazing.

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Anil Gupta

Anil Gupta3.9/5

3 reviews

One time destination

It was quite good but it was very expensive comparatively to other countries. We visited Disneyland Paris, Switzerland, Venice, Italy. Disney does not have good rides comparatively Hong kong or Singapore universal studio. Switzerland yes of course its nice to stay for 2 or max 3 days. We should visit Interlaken and lucerne.We should do cruise ride in lucerne and tramp ride to mount titlis and jungfro(we must visit there).

If you are vegetarian then you will find very difficulty there. There are Indian vegetarian restaurant available there but these all are very expensive. If anyone is planning for Europe tour yes they can go by train also. Train service is very good and comfort.

About shopping in Europe I think we should not do. We should carry plenty of food (if you are vegetarian) and electric kettle for frozen food (some hotels do not provide kettle in rooms), warm jackets, water bottles, cookies and fruits.

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France Overview

Located in Western Europe, France is spread over an area of 5, 47,030 square kilometres. France has a wide variety of landscapes including coastal plains in the north & west, the mountain ranges of the Alps in south-east, the Massif Central in south-central and Pyrenees in the south-west.

France is covered by three water bodies, namely, the English Channel to the north, Atlantic Ocean to the west and Mediterranean Sea to the south. The capital of this country is Paris, which is the largest city, situated on the river Seine.

The history of France is one of the most ancient histories in the world ranging from first century BC to the 19th century. France has seen the invasion of Prehistoric people, the Gauls & Romans, the Royal Dynasty and Napoleon Bonaparte.

It emerged to be one of the powerful nations of the world from The Hundred Years’ War to Revolution to Republic and The Great War to WWII. During the prehistoric times, France was inhabited by Neanderthals, Celts, Romans, Franks and many more.  

France was captured by the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, during the 1st century BC. It was part of the Celtic region and was known as Gaul. Christianity emerged in the next century and was commonly practised in France.

The eastern part of Gaul extending along the banks of the River Rhine was conquered by the Franks in 400 AD and by the 7th century, this tribe captured the entire land. It is in the 9th century that France emerged as an independent nation.

Under the rule of Romans until the 5th century, the Franks and the Alemanii overran the country from the east. They adopted elements of Gallo-Roman civilisation including Christianity, which later resulted in a blend of Germanic culture with the Celts and the Romans.

The history of France has witnessed the rule of aristocracy and monarchy also. In the 17th century, monarchy was at peak as the country was ruled by King Louis XIV. During this period, France had seen growth in the fields of art and culture, and became one of the primary hubs of business and commerce. The monarchy came to an end with the French Revolution in 1789. The French Republic was proclaimed in 1792.

France was also ruled by royal dynasties including the Bourbon, Valois and Capetians. In 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte seized the control of the Republic and ascended the throne of France. His defeat in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 brought monarchy back to the country.

The distinct culture of France can be seen in its music, art, literature, philosophy and food. The origin of French painting emerged from Italian art and France displays the art works of art masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso as well as local French artists.  

France is one of the most visited tourist destinations as there are places of historical significance and landmarks in Paris, like Eiffel Tower and Panthéon, and Palais de Princier in Monaco. Besides, there are beautiful architectures located in Paris, Avignon and Lyon in cathedrals and churches.

The best time to visit France is the spring season that begins from March and lasts till mid-June, which are regarded as the busiest months of the year.

Getting to France


Visa: Prior application

Cost: EUR 60 (₹ 4,709 approx)

View Visa requirement

Transit time: 12 hrs from major cities

Cost ₹ 30,846 per person

There is so much to see in France.

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