Do's and don'ts while visiting Hong Kong: traveller tips and tricks - HolidayIQ

Hong Kong Tips


  • Do remove your shoes before you enter someone’s house
  • Do present things with both hands - presenting anything (currency, cards etc.) to a local using one hand only is considered rude
  • Do eat when the host offers food, drinks or alcohol
  • Do finish all the rice in your bowl
  • Do fill your companion's tea cup
  • Do thank profusely for a gift received


  • Don't mind when a stranger wants to practice his English with you
  • Don't use red ink to write anything
  • Don't leave chopsticks upright in your bowl - this is an absolute no-no because chopsticks are left upright in a bowl of rice offered to the spirit of a dead person, at their deathbed or in front of their photograph on the household Buddhist altar.
  • Don't shake your feet
  • Don't give clocks as gifts - In Mandarin, saying 'giving a clock' is pronounced the same way as the Chinese words for 'attending a funeral ritual' and thus it is bad luck.