Atma Alam Art Village(Langkawi Batik And Art Village) Ratings & Reviews


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What an art form - Atma Alam Art Village

It was part of our sightseeing package and initially I didn't want to go for it because who has come so far to see some handicraft paintings. But then my friends said let's give it a try. When we reached there the place was quiet and they asked us to remove our shoes. The place was divided in to two halves one workshop and other boutique. The volunteer girls took us through the entire process of batik painting the way the use wax and colours and create wonderful prints. I was amazed by seeing the way this country is preserving its traditional art form. We back in India would have hundreds of such dying art form and we don't even care about it today. Anyway, good I went to this beautiful place which made me think, totally appreciable.

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