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A global centre for art, gastronomy and culture, Paris is a city you cannot afford to miss!

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Stunt Action Spectacular

Stunt Action Spectacular  Video Review


Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

Find Your Favourite Idol Here

Find Your Favourite Idol Here  Video Review

Musee Grevin

Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

It's Magical!!!

It's Magical!!!  Video Review


Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

The Best Disney Experience - Part 1

The Best Disney Experience - Part 1  Video Review


Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

Very good museum for kids

Very good museum for kids  Video Review

Musee D'Orsay

Vic Channaraj
21st Jun 17

Opera House

Opera House  Video Review

Palais Garnier

Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

Meet Your Favourite Disney Characters

Meet Your Favourite Disney Characters  Video Review


Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

Disney Entry main Street

Disney Entry main Street  Video Review


Vic Channaraj
2nd Jul 17

Popular Monument in Paris

Popular Monument in Paris  Video Review

Arc De Triomphe

Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

Must Visit; Expect a Long Queue

Must Visit; Expect a Long Queue  Video Review

Catacombs Of Paris

Mohit Grover
11th Aug 17

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Reasons to go to Paris

1Shop like a true fashionista
Shop like a true fashionista

LMN user says, “Paris was beautiful what a classy place the shopping was fabulous and the hotel was in a great location for restaurants and cafes and cake shops which were gorgeous. Just a short walk from tube this hotel is perfect for easy access to the museums and all the sites and the Mulon rouge that was fantastic really enjoyed it.

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2Only a 3 hour train ride to Saint Malo for exceptional beaches!
Only a 3 hour train ride to Saint Malo for exceptional beaches!

LMN reviewer shares “No one goes to Paris in November for the weather but I think it adds to the romance, my wife and I enjoyed lots of sightseeing for my 30th birthday. Local food was amazing and reasonably priced.”

LMN reviewer shares “Paris is a beautiful city with lots to do, we visited the Effiel tower, Museum the Louvre and all other amazing places. ”


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3A medley of exotic wine, scents and castles!
A medley of exotic wine, scents and castles!

Nothing about romantic places in the world can be written without including Paris. A potpourri of perfumery, art, culture, gastronomy and romance, Paris should be the numero uno option in your list of romantic destinations to visit in your lifetime. 

HolidayIQ reviewer Farisa says, "The best time to visit Paris is during the spring, that is between March to June. However you may visit during other months if you wish to experience the autumn or snowfall. The marvellous Eiffel Tower, beautiful arch bridges, artistic Louvre museum, all are worth visiting. The streets of Paris are filled with an air of majesty. Every corner is so picturesque, you just can't give your camera a rest."


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4Once in a lifetime experience- The River Seine Cruise!
Once in a lifetime experience- The River Seine Cruise!

Observe Paris in its full splendour by taking the River Seine Cruise that will give you a fresh perspective on the bridges, river banks and monuments of Paris.
Must do: If possible, try not missing out on the night cruise too.

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5The French owe their sense of style to King Louis XIV
The French owe their sense of style to King Louis XIV

King Louis XIV, the ‘Sun King’ had particularly lavish taste, as seen in the way that he dressed. Recognising the importance of luxury goods to the national economy, Louis overlooked artistic industries and textile trade. Also visit Avenue des Champs-Elysées in the 8th arrondissement, the fashion hub of Paris.

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Great, winter had set in and it was cold. Food and Shopping: Had Indian food on one or two occasions. Also had crepes from a stall . Highlight of the trip: Champs-Elysées is the greatest street in the world

Shikha Sharma

Shikha Sharma5.0/5

146 reviews

City of romance

Eiffel tower a kind of best place to propose your beloved is in Paris which makes it a romantic tourist location. But there are many other things to explore in Paris like Cathedral of Notre Dame, Sacre Cour, Museum the Louvre, Museum the Orsay, Palace of Versaille. This place is full of magnificent palaces and museums which are example of exuberance. Best way to travel in Paris is to get a Navigo card which cost 75Euros but it allows you to use it unlimited time for a month and in all zones of Paris, there are weekly options available for this also. Then there are first showrooms of all major luxury brands like Chanel and Lafayette in Paris where you can atleast roam around if can't shop. But one important thing "Beware of pickpockets, its very important to ensure the safeguard of your belongings as Paris being a tourist place is prone to pick-pocketing" . . In terms of food, its a heaven for desert lovers, Pain au chocolat (Chocolate Bread), Croissant, Macron, Waffles, Gauffre are something you must try. Else escargots(snails), frog dish, and duck dish is something I find weird but famous in Paris so if you want to try you can. Then cheese of Paris is so good and is available in such a huge variety that you can take a lifetime to taste all. Overall, nice but very expensive place.

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Paris Overview

Located in the heart of the Île-de-France region, Paris is the capital city of France. Sprawling over an area of 105 square km, Paris is the largest city of France. Flowing east to west in the form of a downward arc, the Seine River divides the city into two parts. Two islands, the Île Saint-Louis and the Île de la Cité, are situated in the river and form the oldest part of the city.      

The history of Paris can be traced back to more than 2000 years. It is believed that between 250 and 200 BC, a Celtic tribe, known as the Parisii, founded a fishing village on an island in the Seine River and settled there.

Owing to its strategic location for trade, Paris was conquered by Julius Caesar, a Roman ruler, in 52 BC. Under the Roman rule, the city was known as Lutetia and was the regional centre. In 212 BC, Lutetia was named Paris and it started growing as a prosperous city with palaces, churches and theatres.  

After the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, Paris came under the control of the Germanic Franks. The Merovingian dynasty of Frankish kings was displaced by the Carolingian dynasty in the late 8th century. The crowning of Hugh Capet as the king of France in 987 marked the end of the Carolingian dynasty. Paris was positioned as the capital of France under the rule of this Capetian king.

In 1453, after their defeat to Joan of Arc and the French troops, the English were driven out of France. The late 15th century saw the emergence of Paris into a centre of art, science, and architecture with the coming of the Renaissance. However, in the late 16th century, the city witnessed St. Bartholomew's Day massacre due to religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics. In 1643, Louis XIV was crowned as the king of France and Versailles displaced Paris from its position as the centre of power.

The beginning of the French Revolution was marked by the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July, 1789 in Paris. In 1792, Parisian people declared the first French republic and led to the fall of monarchy. Chaos in Paris continued till 1799, when a revolutionary general named Napoleon Bonaparte stabilised the unruly government. In 1804, he was crowned as the Emperor; however, in 1815, he was defeated at Waterloo.    

In 1940, Nazi Germany invaded Paris and ruled over the city for four years. Allied forces liberated the city from Nazi Germany in 1944. In the post war era, Paris saw significant development and has emerged as one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Europe.

The city is also counted amongst the world's leading business and cultural centres. With over 11 million people residing in the metropolitan area of the city, Paris has become one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

Paris is visited by 42 million tourists every year, which makes it the third most visited city in the world. With 3,800 historical monuments and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame de Paris, the city attracts tourists from around the world.

The best time to travel to Paris is March, June, September, December and January. During the months of July, August and February, the weather in the city is not considered favourable for travelling.

Photos of Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Photo by

Gaurav Verma

Breathe the Paris at one one of world
Eiffel Tower, Paris

Photo by

Gaurav Verma

Breathe the Paris at one one of world
Eiffel Tower, Paris

Photo by

Gaurav Verma

Breathe the Paris at one one of world

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Visa: Prior application

Cost: EUR 60 (₹ 4,806 approx)

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Transit time: 12 hrs from major cities

Cost ₹ 22,450 per person

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