Paro Tips


  • Do enlist the help of a local to decide sightseeing destinations- Some mountains are off limits because of the ancient belief that Gods live on them.
  • Do carry Bhutanese currency with you- There are very few ATM machines in Bhutan!
  • Do be careful about buying anything old or antique - Customs only allow things that are non-antique.
  • Do seek guidance from locals in selecting curios- They know the best places to buy from and the best prices too!
  • Do be aware that Bhutan is the only country in the world which measures its success by Gross Natural Happiness.


  • Dont wear shorts in public. While it is acceptable to wear shorts for trekking, wearing them to temples monasteries or in public is a sign of disrespect.
  • Don’t point with a single finger- use a flat extended upturned hand instead. 
  • Don’t smoke or drink near religious places- Tobacco is banned in Bhutan, and the 100 cigarettes you are allowed to carry will be taxed at 200%.
  • Don’t forget to register all electronic devices with customs on arrival- These will be checked during departure.
  • Don’t walk over any books, clothes, or other things left on the floor of religious places.

Video Reviews in Paro

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