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With a dwindling tiger population, a meagre 120 tigers still inhabit Thailand. Wildlife experts have predicted very speedy extinction of tiger family. With exponential human growth, tiger habitat is reducing. This has given rise to many a circumstance when the wild friends visit us in the concrete jungles. The Tiger Kingdom is hence dedicated establishment for captive tiger breeding.

The Tiger Kingdom holds the tigers in captive from birth to death, inevitably to avoid the situation of a no-tiger world. Tourism proceeds are utilised for improving the living conditions of the tigers as well as captive breeding, to increase the population. Visitors must shell out a considerable amount to spend couple of minutes with the wild cats. These captive tigers are fed a special diet comprising of milk and chicken. The Tiger Kingdom is a host to over a hundred tigers.



The first Tiger Kingdom dates to the year 2000, founded in Ubon Rachatanee with a wide variety of animals. To increase the much-needed revenue and provide some more space to the tigers, the Tiger Kingdom was inaugurated in Chiang Mai, in the year 2008. And for this year, the Tiger Kingdom Phuket also welcomes the visitors.


Reason to Visit

The Tiger Kingdom’s goal is to expand the tiger population by breeding them in a controlled environment. It is indeed an applaudable effort to retain the wild cat population when they are on the verge of extinction. These tigers are brought up by well-trained professionals throughout their developmental stage and looked after as family. Though the cats are trained with repetition, trust and continued encouragement to bond with the humans, they are still wild by nature and demand to be treated with due respect.


Entry Guidelines

The best time to visit the Cats is 9 am to 6 pm to have a closer view of how a typical tiger-day looks like. There are a variety of packages offered to choose from the tigers in enclosures. You can also choose a single tiger or a group as well. While there are guidelines set for allowing the tiger choice, as:


Human age

Human height


over 18 years

over 160 cm


over 17 years

over 160 cm


over 16 years

over 150 cm



over 120 cm and under adult supervision

People in wheelchairs or using walking sticks are not allowed in tiger enclosure. The single tiger ticket fares are as follows:

o   Smallest-1,300 THB / Person

o   SMALL- 900 THB / Person

o   MEDIUM-900 THB / Person

o   BIG-1000 THB

o   GIANT-2,000 THB / Person

o   NEW BORN-2,500 THB / Person


Package ticket fares are:

·        TAKE 2:

Big or medium + Small - 1,600 THB / Person

·        TAKE 3:

Big or medium + Small + Smallest- 2,800 THB / Person

·        TAKE 4:

Big + Medium + Small + Smallest- 3,700 THB / Person


Where to Eat

To enjoy a sumptuous meal with the tigers, we offer a wide range to choose from the International menu. With the traditional local Thai food, you can also pick from European, Japanese and sushi varieties in buffet lunch. Beverages like coffee tea, fruit juices and cocktail are also served with pastries and cakes. The lunch buffet is open to visitors daily from 11 am to 4 pm. The chef also recommends you to try:

·        Stir fried noodles, Thai style

·        Deep-fried Calamari squeeze with thousand sauce

·        Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts

·        Spaghetti with tomato sauce

Fried rice spicy top fried prawn with garlic

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      9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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      Esmail beguwala

      Esmail beguwala5.0/5

      1 review

      Thailand- the land of tigers

      Tiger Kingdom is a must visit place when you go to Phuket. The place is home to tigers in all shapes and sizes. An encounter with a medium sized tiger will cost you 900 Baht which is the starting point, a full grown tiger would cost 1000 and a baby cub would set you back by 1300 Baht since you can hold it the way you want and get your pics clicked. How many places in the world would let you touch and feel a full grown tiger? Definitely an experience not worth missing.

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      • Thailand- the land of tigers
      • Thailand- the land of tigers
      • Thailand- the land of tigers
      • Thailand- the land of tigers

      Photos of Tiger Kingdom (Kathu)

      Tiger Kingdom (Kathu), Phuket

      Photo by

      Thejasvi Bhat

      Tiger Kingdom (Kathu), Phuket
      Tiger Kingdom (Kathu), Phuket

      Photo by

      Thejasvi Bhat

      Tiger Kingdom (Kathu), Phuket
      Tiger Kingdom (Kathu), Phuket

      Photo by

      Esmail beguwala

      Thailand- the land of tigers
      Tiger Kingdom (Kathu), Phuket

      Photo by

      Esmail beguwala

      Thailand- the land of tigers

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