Shanghai Ratings & Reviews

Malay Roy

Malay Royratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Great travel

The experience is very good and I recommend others to book and travel to Shanghai. Don't worry about the Chinese fooding as nearby lots of Indian restaurant there. Enjoy metro and its facilities. Good marketing and very large shopping mall and great fresh fruits.

Nitish Varshney

Nitish Varshneyratingratingratingratingratingrating4.6/5

36 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Shanghai was a dream place and I have lived my DREAM!

Shanghai had always been a discussion point among my friends. I had a long desire of visiting this place and I got a chance in September when I went there for official trip. Believe me guys, Shanghai is AWESOME. Its more beautiful than what we see in pics.
What attracted me the most is the discipline of the civilians. Traffic is well regulated and you won't see even a single traffic controller or policeman on red lights.
If you love to roam around a city that has skyrocketed buildings, Shanghai is a place for you. Financial Tower, Pearl Tower and the Bund are the top most places I can suggest for every traveler who is planning to visit there. Apart form this, one can have a well spent time in streets of Shanghai which offers local food and clothing in very affordable prices. People are very nice here. Though language and unavailability vegetarian food is a problem here but one can have some good Indian restaurants here. Bollywood is one such name. Simply put, Shanghai was a great experience for me!

Hariprasad Kv

Hariprasad Kvratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

11 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

A day well spent in the fabulous city! :)

I was in Suzhou for work and managed to spend a Sunday in Shanghai. I took a bullet train from Suzhou around 9am and reached Shanghai by 9:45am .. I first headed to the people garden in Shanghai were there was a local gathering for match making. Followed by this I headed to the famous Nanjing street. This is a must do .. Walk along the street till you reach the bund area. The street is filled with shops, restaurants, street artists and lot of people! View the skyline of Shanghai from the bund area. Wait till the sunset to see how the skyscrapers light up fancy display lightings :). After the sunset walk back through the Nanjing street again to get a different experience. Shopping is a little expensive at Nanjing street.

  • A day well spent in the fabulous city! :)

Shashwat Sahai

Shashwat Sahairatingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

24 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Definitely worth the visit

Enjoyed the overall experience to Shanghai. Was there for a period of 4 days. Got some time to spend on TV & Radio tower on the bund. At 259 metres, it has a glass deck, which gives you a great view down on the road. Definitely worth the visit. Also, one must do a cruise ride on the bund in the evening. It is rightly called the Paris of the east.

Saurabh Ranjan

Saurabh Ranjanratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 5 years ago

Mesmerizing & had an amazing experience

Shanghai was truly an amazing experience once in a life time for me. As a student I believe that I am very lucky to visit Shanghai, the business capital of the world. I went there on behalf of my uncle who work for Birla Cement. The trip was organized by the company itself. Shanghai is a place best suited for the people who like shopping very much. The Huagpu River Cruise is a must visit place in Shangai as you can truly get a glimpse of Shanghai at a single place. A building called world financial Centre stands 682 m high and from the top of it you can see the whole city. The food is absolutely amazing. Personally I like Chinese food very much. The style of living there is very high and expensive. Also the Bullet train, brilliant experience. I went to Beijing from there and I just felt like I am flying on the ground. The Outing was truly appreciable

  • Mesmerizing & had an amazing experience

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Sona Shah

Sona Shahratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

35 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Beautiful city, well planned with excellent high rise buildings

Great city, latest developments used to the fullest . 4 high rise buildings within a single cross road . Oriental pearl tower sky walk is an experience not to be missed, along with the Museum, JINMAO TOWER, coffee shop at 98th floor, YU YUAN GARDEN - a beautifully landscaped and managed area, HUANG Pu river cruise by night, NANGING SHOPPING AREA,

  • Beautiful city, well planned with excellent high rise buildings
  • Beautiful city, well planned with excellent high rise buildings
  • Beautiful city, well planned with excellent high rise buildings
  • Beautiful city, well planned with excellent high rise buildings

Girija Muralidharan

Girija Muralidharanratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

47 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Exciting 3 days visit and stay in Shanghai

From Yichang we landed in Pudong Airport in Shanghai. Here we were greeted by a smiling and a very friendly guide Pan. Shanghai is like any other modern Metropolis, the ever expanding skyline and glittering night view will leave an everlasting impression in our minds . . We were put up at the Bund Hotel situated in the midst of a very busy hub. Next day morning after breakfast we were ready to join our guide and visit the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower. It was drizzling with thunder and storm. Nothing could stop the tourists from reaching this place to view the city from the observation tower . The whole place looked like a Carnival site with colorful flags and ever increasing group of tourists Pearl of the Orient Tower, is a 468-meter-high communication tower, making it the second highest tower in Asia, and the fourth highest tower in the world. Its base is supported by three seven-meter wide slanting columns The tower includes 15 spheres of different sizes at different levels. We were told that the artistic conception of this tower gives an impression that 'large and small pearls are dropping onto a jade plate' because the greenery below is beautifully landscaped On almost any level above the lowest globe, one can get a sensational view of the city as it stretches out toward the horizon, and, of course, the higher the vantage point, the more one can take in The only problem we had that day was the dark clouds were enveloping the city and we could see nothing from the observation deck. Luckily the view from the glass floored sky walk was very interesting. We could step on the glass floor which is 259 meters above and view the city below. There were quite a few young tourists jumping and stamping the glass floor. This did send shivers down the spine with the thought that the glass may break anytime and that all of us would tumble down. At night the Tower is lit up with different colored lighting which is a great attraction. Next we visited the Yu Garden. Yu means peaceful in Chinese. An officer in the Ming Dynasty built this beautiful garden for his parents to live a quiet and peaceful life here. The construction of the garden had to be stopped because the officer was transferred. He came back 20 years later and finished building the garden. His parents passed away a few years later. This garden changed hands and was severely damaged down the years and during the Great Cultural Revolution ( 1966—1976). The government repaired the garden between 1986-93 and this is what we see today. This lovely garden features Ming Dynasty pavilions, ponds, beautiful cut rock formations and arched bridges, Chinese lanterns adorn the pavilions. In spite of the crowd around us we still can get lost and be one with our thoughts in the serene, tranquil and calm surroundings all around us. We certainly can spend a few hours walking leisurely through this lovely garden. This is a must see place in Shanghai. Our Guide took us to an old mansion near the garden where we could see rows and rows of neatly stacked tea varieties. The lady in the shop made us sit near the table where varieties of glass jars, mugs and glasses were kept. She demonstrated and showed us how to make different types of tea. There was no milk or sugar used. It was simply plain hot flavored water. After the demonstration she wanted us to buy huge tea packets or jars to be given away as gifts back home in India. I told her that we have to acquire a taste for Chinese tea and that I was not interested in buying. I could see how the smiling face soon turned into a big frown and annoyance. Next we strolled up and down the famous Nanjing Road which houses innumerable shops and malls. Unbelievable amount of walking was done this day Next we were told not to miss the Bund area. The word 'bund' means an embankment or an embanked quay. The Bund houses 52 buildings of various architectural styles which are lit up at night. Each building sparkles like a piece of glittering jewellery. One can stand there gazing at the beauty of the buildings with their reflection on the river. The whole sight is mesmerizing. The dazzling lights are switched off at 11 pm on the dot every night. One of the sparkling buildings is the Sassoon House, with the attached Cathay Hotel. This was built by Sir Victor Sassoon whose origin is from India. It was, and still is today, famous for its Jazz band in its cafe. We strolled through the corridors of this famous hotel and stopped by to listen to the band where the band players are all formally dressed like they used to dress up in the days gone by. It was interesting going through the photo gallery. The last day in Shanghai was supposed to be a free day. Karthik our son called us on time to tell us not to miss visiting the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center. Luckily for us this was close to our hotel. We took a road map and tried following it. When we stopped by and asked for direction no one could help us. We bumped into a college student who directed us perfectly. The exhibition Center is a huge 5 storied building. Hall of--- Historic and Cultural City, Temporary Exhibitions, Master Plans, Plans for Specialized and Key Construction Projects and the last one was the sight Seeing Hall. The exit is through the 1930 Shanghai Street. Suddenly you are transported to the bygone days where you are in the midst of cycle-rickshaws, trams, old buildings, tea houses and other nostalgia. It was a day of learning, we got to see the past and how Shanghai was going to progress in the coming years. Our legs started aching but still we decided that we will walk towards Nanjing Street and enjoy going through the various shops and stalls and grab a lunch in McDonalds. Though it was supposed to be a free day it was indeed very tiring at the end of the long day. We met Meng-Huai my husband's cousin's Chinese wife in the evening and went to an Indian restaurant named ' Delhi Darbar'. The food was very good and so was the company. Day 12 we packed our bags and after breakfast were planning to go to the airport in the fast train which takes only 7 minutes to reach the airport from the city area. We heard the TV news that a Typhoon was heading towards Shanghai. Hence we cancelled the train trip and reached the airport in our car. At the check-in counter we got to know that the airport was closed and that all the flights were cancelled. Thanks to Malaysian Airways they put us up at a Resort, Hotel Harbor Lakeside. Food, lodging and other necessities was courtesy Malaysian Airways. This is a newly established hotel 60 km away from the city and 30 km from Pudong International Airport. We were put up at the 12 th floor and the view of the outside world was simply beautiful. We could see the dark clouds approaching and the rain soaked environment all around us from our balcony. It was a beautiful sight. The greenery, small bridges and running streams added a lot charm to this lovely place. Bus loads of 300 people followed us. There were many Indian medical students who were on their way home for vacation. It was interesting talking to them. We found out that Medical education was cheaper in China than in India. There were Gujarati and Mumbai business men who had come to China on official visits. We mingled with everyone around and got a lot of information from each one of them on different subjects. Two days of absolute bliss, comfort and rest. We had no other option of going to the city because we were far away in the suburbs, except to follow the walking path and enjoy watching children frolicking in the swimming pool and youngsters playing snooker and other games. Eat, sleep and wander around this little piece of paradise on Earth. Thanks to the Typhoon and Malaysian Airlines.

  • Exciting 3 days visit and stay in Shanghai
  • Exciting 3 days visit and stay in Shanghai
  • Exciting 3 days visit and stay in Shanghai
  • Exciting 3 days visit and stay in Shanghai

Bhavesh Bhatt

Bhavesh Bhattratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

3 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Shopping with smile

Colorful experience when you visit Shanghai. People from worldwide, enjoy mix culture. Bund, Science and technology museum, oriental peral tv tower, metro, night club, etc. One is ZAPATA night club, don't forget to visit this club.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwalratingratingratingratingratingrating4.6/5

5 reviewsPosted March 2015

Excellent clean city with lot of variety in food

Surprised to see lot of vegetarian food with goodmquality . Excellent clean city . Good places to visit within city and outside . Bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing was awesome . Great wall of china is must visit . Hiring a taxi within city to travel is less expensive, also try buses and metro . Only challenge is language, but I had my 6 year old nephew as mine translator. He learnt a bit in school.

Venkatesh Reddiar

Venkatesh Reddiarratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

8 reviewsPosted November 2014

Wonderful place for business travellers

It was a very wonderful trip according to my business . I had a mindset to have something from their . But after reaching there I understood the opportunities are huge there in china . We have to streamline everything . Whatever you name it we can do that business . All over the world is buying from their . It was a very wonderful experience in this trip .

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