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A must visit place in Singapore.

Marina Bay is the best place to have a glimps of modern Singapore. The famous Singapore river widens here and creates a huge Bay surrounded by modern buildings, the Singapore flyer, the famous Bay Sands hotel of three buildings with a ship like top, the lotus shaped museum etc and the symbol of Singapore- the Merlion with water fountain through its mouth.
A walk around the promenade gives you a nice feel and experience.
A must visit on foot or on Singapore river cruise boats.
This place has different look during day and when lights come on at night.

Divesha Agrawal

Divesha Agrawalratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

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Good view, but expensive

Marina Bay Sands is a 57 floor hotel building with a very interesting shape. The building has 3 towers that are connected from the top by a surfboard looking structure - this structure forms the topmost level and is occupied by 3 bars, the best being ce la vie (that is in tower 3). On the 56 floor is the famous skypark (observation deck) that gives you a bird's eye view of the entire city. While the view is great (Especially at night) the entrance fee of SGD 23, I feel is a little too steep. Instead, I preferred going to one of the bars on the 57th floor. Same view, with no fee and you can also get some food and drinks. A word of caution - casual dressing is not permitted in these bars.

Kiran Bavimani

Kiran Bavimaniratingratingratingratingratingrating4.6/5

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USP of Bayfront area, lot of things to see

Situated right on the seashore on 'bayfront' area, this location has a lot to Offer. Starting right from Merlion statue, Fullerton Hotel, wonderful light show check the timings in the evening), OCBC Gardens (again, the timings). The observation deck ( 3 Towers, 57th floors, fantastic view of seashore, ships, gardens below, light show) and Shopping at the basement of Marina Bay sands hotel. In fact, staying at this hotel has its own advantages in accessing the premium floors. Then on the other side you have the helix bridge, Singapore flyer and other attractions. You need two well planned evenings to check out all the attractions here. Then this place is very close to Chinatown and Little India, just in case you want to Club the visits that can start in the afternoon. You can also finish the day by visiting Chinatown food street and street shopping for souvenirs.

  • USP of Bayfront area, lot of things to see
  • USP of Bayfront area, lot of things to see
  • USP of Bayfront area, lot of things to see
  • USP of Bayfront area, lot of things to see

Sumedh Masulkar

Sumedh Masulkarratingratingratingratingratingrating4.6/5

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Great place to visit

A great place to visit in Singapore. There is also the Singapore flyer nearby and Merlion too. The fountain show at night is great too and should not be missed.

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