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Be spell-bound by the sheer beauty of a modern megapolis with brilliant entertainment avenues!

Close to India, well connected, and with a thriving Indian community, Singapore is a mixture of culture. Great shopping for the adults, and Universal Studios and Night Safari for the kids, plus great beaches, food, and drink - Singapore is perfect for a 4 day trip!

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Soak in the Chinese culture and cuisine

Soak in the Chinese culture and cuisine  Video Review


Rohit Rawal
7th Nov 17

Vibrant, open till late, many places to eat drink

Vibrant, open till late, many places to eat drink  Video Review

Clarke Quay

Rohit Rawal
7th Nov 17

Soak in the culture and cuisines from India

Soak in the culture and cuisines from India  Video Review

Little India

Rohit Rawal
7th Nov 17

Decent place to spend some time, get on a cruise

Decent place to spend some time, get on a cruise  Video Review

Merlion Park

Rohit Rawal
7th Nov 17

In middle of Chinatown

In middle of Chinatown  Video Review

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum

Thejasvi Bhat
27th Nov 16

Lively statue

Lively statue  Video Review

Merlion Park

Kanishka Kanwar
28th Dec 17

Awesome Airport

Awesome Airport  Video Review

Changi International Airport

Suvodip Moitra
20th Nov 17

Awesome Amusement Park

Awesome Amusement Park  Video Review

Universal Studios

Suvodip Moitra
20th Nov 17

Vibrant grand airport

Vibrant grand airport  Video Review

Changi International Airport

Reeta Karki
21st Nov 17

Singapore flyer one of main attraction

Singapore flyer one of main attraction  Video Review

Singapore Flyer

15th Feb 17

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Reasons to go to Singapore

1Action-packed day guaranteed at Universal Studios
Action-packed day guaranteed at Universal Studios

HolidayIQ Reviewer Jenifer Sayyed shares, “Visit Universal studios. The best experience ever we had as this place takes you to the world of fantasy and makes you relive your childhood. We loved everything here from rides to the street dance show. One can spend the whole day here as we did or if you are short of days then cover Universal and Sentosa together as both are nearby Rides-. Cyclone coaster / Human, the return of the mummy, Transformers 3D ride was phenomenal, felt so real and thrilled that we did this ride twice. Don't miss this. Disney world (the Shrek 3D)”

HolidayIQ Reviewer Siraj Syed says, “Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa, Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studios are prime attractions.”


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2The Jurong Bird Park is a world famous bird lovers paradise
The Jurong Bird Park is a world famous bird lovers paradise

HolidayIQ Reviewer Jenifer Sayyed adds, “Jurong Bird Park - This is Asia's largest bird paradise with over 5000 colourful birds across 400 species. We enjoyed watching these beautiful creatures. Penguins can be seen at the entrance, macaws were fun to watch and got a chance to hold birds on wooden sticks.”

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Also known as Theatres on the Bay, the Esplanade is a one-of-a-kind performing arts complex which is situated on a glorious a 60,000 square metres. A great example of modern architecture, it is a building that transforms into a beautiful, shimmering spectacle by night, owing to the beautiful lights and is a wonderful place to be at to understand how grand a simple performace complex can be. Apart from this, it's the perfect place to enjoy the local arts of Singapore as well as shows by some of the better known artists from around the world!


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4Changi Airport
Changi Airport

Changi airport is probably one of the most beautiful airports in the world. Apart from claiming that it is a complete shopping destination in itself, it has unique attractions like, the world's tallest slide in an airport, an orchid and a butterfly garden and a very unique sculpture known as 'kinetic rain', which is 1216 droplets of copper that dance and make for a wonderful pattern!


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5Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands
Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands

What do you get when you combine two of the most remarkable achievements of the limits of human imagination in artificial construction? The Marina Bay Sands and The Helix bridge in a single frame. While the former is known for an unmatched view from its world famous infinity pool and its gorgeous structure, the latter is the stuff of a science fiction movie's futuristic frames. At night, watching the two in their full glory, with all the different coloured lights, is an unforgettable experience!


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Reviews (188)

"Singapore is a city which has something for every age group. I hadn't expected that city has so much to offer but I got spell bounded by awesome city view and its attractions."

Bibiana audrey das

Bibiana audrey das5.0/5

2 reviews


I travelled to Singapore for the first time and fell head over heels with the place. The traffic control was on auto and the pedestrians maintained discipline on roads. The only city which is wheel chair friendly. There's so much to see and each better than the other. If you are visiting Singapore pack and plan your day with precision and you will enjoy with every value for money.

Indrajit guchhait

Indrajit guchhait4.6/5

2 reviews

Very good

Took this tour for my parents with OYO total holiday. DMC was NamHo. Very very professional and friendly. Hotel was Parc Sovereign at Little India. Well conducted tour. Hotel provided very good breakfast. Need to carry umbrella. I purchased all the tickets like City tour, Santosa, Universal studio and bus ticket to Kulalumpur from OYO. Otherwise, if you want to make it more economical, you can book your flight and arrange the tickets at the hotel itself. This hotel is at Little india, very close to mustafa. You will get all the restaurants near to it.

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Singapore Overview

Singapore is referred to as Lion city, also as Little Red Dot. It is the only island city-state. It is called Singapura on Malay, which is derived from the Sanskrit word Simhapura meaning Lion city. There is also a lion head established marking the name. It is well known for the culture, fashion, and food.


Stamford Raffles found colonial Singapore in 1819 which was under Dutch control. Later during World War II, it was taken over by Japan. In 1963, Singapore gained independence from the British. It was believed that in 1299, Singapura kingdom was established as a port city. It was later destroyed in 1398. Later in 1819, there was a treaty signed between Thomas Stamford Raffles and Sultan Hussein Shah (British East India Company) to improve Singapore. In 1824, the entire island was under British possession. Later it was part of Straits Settlements. Singapore Naval base was built after First World War It was for defense purpose. In 1995, Singapore became an independent republic. Singapore joined the Malaysian Federation in 1963 but later was removed. It became independent of its own will and was the only country to do so. Singapore was modernized in the late 1960s and 1970s due to unemployment crisis and lack of housing. Many industries were established such as the manufacturing, housing and education were also improved. In 1990 it was one of the most improved countries with good trading and marketing skills. It is now one of the wealthiest and developed in Asia. It also has a place in the four Asian Tigers.

Why You Should Visit

Singapore has various reasons for why one should visit.

Singapore is a mixture of culture. The Chinese New year held in February is a must see. There is a colorful parade held. Each day in the week celebration has a theme. They also celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival and Hari Raya Puasa, celebrated by Muslims.

The cuisine is one of the best and there are a lot of street foods to try.

The shopping experience in Singapore is the best. You can find a lot of unique products.

The museums and architecture are breathtaking.

There are a lot of sports conducted here like Rugby and Formula 1, which is a great experience if you are a sports lover.

There are many botanical gardens, which have some of the rare species of plants.

You can also visit the wildlife and see some rare animals like the Panda. There are night safaris as well.

Tourist Hotspots

Singapore is the second best in Asia for a vacation as per Travel and tourism competitiveness report. There are wide range of places to visit

Singapore zoo is famous and has much wildlife. It also has a night safari where you can see the animals in their habitat. The animals here are not caged and are kept in enclosures which are hidden by moats. This is called as the open zoo due to this. There is a river safari where the zoo features rivers like the river Nile, Amazon, Tundra etc.

Jurong Bird Park is for birds. There are thousands of flamingos.

Tiger sky tower is the highest observation tower. It is 360 feet above sea level. It is a disc-shaped tower filled with glass windows around. From the top, you can see the whole of Singapore.

There is a Universal Studio theme park, which is located in a resort called Sentosa. You can see a lot of movie based area like Transformers, Madagascar, Halloween horror nights, Puss in boots etc. There are also zones or areas which are themed on Hollywood, New York, Egypt, Jurassic park, the lost world, far far away etc.

Gardens by the bay is a nature park, which has three gardens, namely, Bay south, Bay east and Bay central. There is a flower dome which features plants from Mediterranean. It has seven gardens and an olive bistro. The cloud garden represents the cooler mountain regions. Supertree grove has unique flora and fauna. There is also a skyway in supertree grove. Children’s garden is for kids aged five and above to 12 years, it has a tree house and other adventures.

Marina Bay is a must visit at night. There are many events conducted at Marina bay.

Singapore flyer is a giant wheel which is of 541 feet. It has 28 capsules, each can have 28 passengers and also has a three-storey terminal.

Local Attractions

Masjid Sultan located in Richor is considered one of the important mosque in Singapore. The mosque highlights the domes and prayer hall.

There is a temple called the Thian hock keng also called Tianfu Temple. It the oldest temple in Singapore. This has a statue of Chinese sea goddess. It has Chinese designs and architecture. You will find the walls decorated with dragons and other chines art.

Sri Mariamma Temple is one another old temple. Built in Dravidian style, this is in the Chinatown. This temple has great historical significance. A firewalking ceremony is held before the Diwali festival.

There are many museums such as Asian Civilisations Museum. It forms four museums, namely Peranakan Museum, National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Art Museum. Peranakan museum has Peranakan cultures. There are many galleries where each one depicts an area like Religion, food, Public life etc. National Museum of Singapore is known for the zoological collections of Malaya. It has space of glass. There are talks and workshops conducted, there is also a library to learn more. Singapore Art Museum focuses on the lifestyle of Singapore. There are many contemporary arts on this.

Singapore is also known for the habitat for giant Pandas. Many Pandas are saved from being endangered. There are pandas in the river safari.

There are two great heritage parks called the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Bukit Timah hill is the highest hill of 163 meters. There are about 840 species of flowers and 500 species of plants. Sungei Buloh is a wetland reserve which wildlife where you can spot a lot of fish, crab, lobster, ducks, eagles and many local birds. You can also spot seawater crocodile.

Favorite Local Foods

Singapore cuisine has an influence of Malay, Chines, Indian, Sri Lankan and Thailand food. As per literature in Singapore food is an obsession. There are Hawker centers all over Singapore and people find it comfortable to dine there. Hill Street Tai Hwa pork noodle and Hong Kong soya sauce chicken rice and noodles became the two street food places which were awarded. There is a wide range of local foods that are favorite among the Singaporeans.

Chili crab and black pepper crab is a local favorite.

The popular dish is the Hainese chicken rice. It contains cooked rice with chicken in chili sauce.

Among the noodles, the popular ones are ‘Fried Hokkien mee’, which is prawn egg noodles, ‘Nonya laksa’ which is noodles in coconut prawn broth and ‘Char kuey teow’, which is noodles fried with prawn.

Teochew porridge is a Singaporean rice porridge which is served with side dishes. It is rice in a soup broth and it is eaten along with local Chinese dishes like Nasi Padang

A soup made from the flesh of the turtle. There are noodles made from shredded chicken and mushroom. A soup made from fish is also among the favorite. There is a dish called Ayam Penyet, which is fried chicken smashed to softness, which has an Indonesian flavor.

Bakso is noodles served with meatballs. There is a dish called Begedil which is mashed potato fried as patties served with mee soto. Mee soto is a soupy noodle which is made with vegetables or chicken

Epok-epok is a pastry which is stuffed with potato, chicken, and egg. There is a dish made of dried beef called Dendeng paru.

There are few other dishes such as Goreng Pisang, which is a snack prepared from fried banana with flour, Gudeg Pytih which is a curry made from white jackfruit, sweet potato leaved broth in coconut milk is called Gulai daun ubi, crackers with prawns or fish is called Keropok, a rice cake called ketupat is made wrapped in coconut leaf, a gravy called Lemal siput is gravy made from shellfish boiled in coconut milk, Kwetiau goring is Singaporean flat rice noodles, rice cake made in spicy vegetable soup is Lontong, egg noodles with sweet spicy sauce is called Mee rebus, it is made from sweet potato, water, shrimps, peanuts and curry powder, a fried noodle dish which is common is Mee goring, a dish made from rice vermicelli is Mee siam, otak otak is a fish cake cooked in banana leaf, Nasi goring is steamed rice with eggs, meat and vegetables, Roti hojn is a popular omelet sandwich in Singapore, Satay is meat which is grilled on skewers, eaten with spicy sauce, soto is soup made from chicken or vegetables.

Favorite Local Things to Buy

Singapore is one of the best places to shop.

You can buy antiques which have Singaporean culture in them

Orchid is Singapore’s national flower and hence these are sold in the form of jewelry, you can buy the ones made in gold.

Watches and jewelry are a must buy. They have many kinds and designs.

You can find a lot of interior decorative items in Singapore which has a nice Singapore culture in it. You can find many masks, boxes, statues etc.

You can buy food that is processed or baked.

You can also buy Singaporean crockery’s

Things to do in Singapore

There are a lot of parades and arts festival done in Singapore. You can enjoy the culture and art of Singapore.

In July there is Singapore Food festival held where you can experience the best Singaporean cuisine. There will be workshops as well for you to learn Singapore cuisine.

There is also Singapore Garden festival which is held in December and showcases flowers and other plants.

Singapore Sun festival is held for ten days which has a lot of music, art, dance etc.

You can visit a lot of wildlife which also has night safaris. There are many parks which are combined with the modern technology to give visitors the best experience.

Ideal Tour Package

It takes about 6 days to see most part of Singapore. You can tour the entire Singapore with the ease of transportation like plane, bus, taxi, cruise, subway and bicycle or by foot. There are many star cruises which travel around Singapore.

VISA and Travel

In order to travel to Singapore you should have the following documents:

You need to have a passport that has validity for more than 6 months.

Must have a return ticket

Have funds for the stay.

Have a VISA

Immigration card

VISA will take about a day’s time and the e-print of the VISA can be taken along. Indians can enter Singapore without a VISA for up to 96 hours. Singapore has very strict drug laws, you can be sentenced to death if found any. Customs may perform urine test occasionally to test.

You can travel to Singapore by plane. It is one of Asia’s largest hub. There are many low-cost planes like Tiger airways, scoot etc. Once in Singapore, you can use the bus, taxi or subway to travel within. Driving to Singapore in a car has a lot of rules and guidelines. You need to have insurance and vehicle registration certificate.

Best Time to Visit

There are forest fires between May and October that cause haze. It is unpredictable and may be rapid. So June to October is not a good time to travel to Singapore. The weather is sunny. It rains almost every day which will be for around one hour. It rains heavily during November to January. There may be thunderstorms. It is common and it rains a lot in Singapore. So umbrella is to be carried. The temperatures are high in the day and windy at night. The temperature goes up to 32°C during day and 24°C during the night.

Photos of Singapore

Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Photo by

Ad min

Credit:Jordan Tourism Board
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum, Singapore

Photo by

Thejasvi Bhat

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum, Singapore
Gardens By the Bay, Singapore

Photo by

Thejasvi Bhat

Gardens By the Bay, Singapore
S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore

Photo by

Thejasvi Bhat

S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore

Getting to Singapore


Visa: Prior application

Cost: SGD 30 (₹ 1,605 approx)

View Visa requirement

Transit time: 6 hrs from major cities

Cost ₹ 7,000 per person

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