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Crish Sequeira

Crish Sequeiraratingratingratingratingratingrating4.6/5

3 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Free visa, best vacay!

My girlfriends and I decided on a last minute (yolo! Trip to Thailand, not having to pay for the visa made it so much easier I wish we had time to explore Northern Thailand but we had settled on the beautiful Krabi - so many places to explore, and food to eat.

Binu James

Binu Jamesratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 3 years ago

It was simply awesome

We three friends went Bangkok and Pattaya through HOLIDAYIQ . The service was excellent in terms of package rate, hotel stay, site seeing, etc . Mr. Isaac David gave us a wonderful support . We have no words to express our gratitude towards you HOLIDAYIQ Team . We strongly recommend .

Sushmita Malakar

Sushmita Malakar

5 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Solidarity, Serenity and Serendipity!

Flying international for the first time is always exciting. I decided to go for a backpacking trip with my friends and it was probably one of the best decision I have taken lately. All I have to say is that back packing trip to a foreign land is necessary for everyone once in their life. You get to learn a lot about so many things which you wouldn't learn otherwise while staying in the luxurious hotels and travelling via cabs. Also, backpacking is a great idea but backpacking with a group is a greater idea. Solo backpacking is not something I would recommend as of now.
I traveled to Thailand - Pattaya, Phuket, Phi Island and Krabi Island - and I am going to talk about Phi today. This place is the perfect blend of peppy and calmness!
One thing - if you are used to calm beaches of India (both eastern and western coasts), Thailand is going to be a surprise for you. The sea here is very wild and turbulent and thus a li'l scary. Except for the bays - the bays are the quietest and the calmest places you will ever visit.
Before I start to talk about Phi Islands in an overly excited manner, let me share a few travel tips before you plan a trip to this beautiful land of Thailand.
Best time to visit Thailand is November to February.
On arrival visa is a good bet if you are okay to spend INR 2000 on the processing fee of the visa.
If you plan to take a visa from India, it is free of cost (with a service fee of INR 350). It takes around four working days to process the visa, only if you apply 15 days prior to your travel date. DO follow the guidelines correctly to get the visa on time
If you plan your trip around June - July, beware of the sun. Carry a good sunscreen, though most likely, it won't work but still to be on the safer side
If your trip is planned well in advance during the month of June and July, do visit your dermatologist and take the sun burn tablets, one month prior to the date of travel. Sun burn is a serious issue
Always wear a hat or carry and umbrella and cover yourself up with a shrug or scarf when you are not in the water. No matter how enticing the sun tan might seem, in these months of July you are most likely to get burns rather than any tan
Carry an after sun burn lotion and aloe Vera gel and apply it as soon as you can after getting exposed to the sun
Respect the culture and rules of this place. People are very soft spoken here but you might not want to test their patience
Language is going to be a barrier - use Google translate for 'safely' putting across what you want to say
Food might be a problem if you are not open to experimenting with your food - but do not worry. The retail chain called Seven - eleven which will come to your rescue
Reaching Phi from Phuket in a ferry is a different adventure in itself. Crossing the not-so-so calm emerald sea while being surrounded by the green limestone walls is something you don't get to see every day!
Phi is a group of island, part of Krabi district. In the Tsunami of 2004, almost all of Phi Islands and its infrastructure was destroyed. They certainly have done a great job in restoring everything!
We were in Phi Don, the part of the island which is inhabited by the locals and the tourists. The best part about this place is that you have to pay a cleanliness fee before entering 20) and you know it is not going in waste because the way this island has been maintained is marvelous.
Once you enter the island, you would feel as if you are in some sort of modern village with shops all around and so many cute cafes. When I say cute, I mean cute by both the look and feel of it!
I decided to have some good sea food, not very local, but yes, I had to try the Thailand varieties. The squids and blue mussels were on my mind for a long time now, so I decided to try them.
After a hearty lunch with a liberal serving of watermelon juice(that is my love that I have brought back from Thailand! ), We explored the market a bit more. And yes, Thailand can never stop to amaze me. There were these li'l kiosks, selling cocktails in buckets with all the component in it. Pleasing to the eyes, yes! And I am very sure that these buckets leave their consumers completely drunk and high!
Narrow, hilly roads is what characterizes this part of Phi Don. I loved the roads because of two reasons. One, they were so narrow that you can not take any vehicle that can pollute the air. The limited use of motor-vehicles thus makes it a place to live in. Second, the roads are formed in spiral and the terrain is a li'l rough. So, it seems like a hike! After a good amount of hike, we could spot the cottages where we were supposed to lodge ourselves. Savage much? These cottages offered a great stay! A clean pool, very calm cottages, all located at different levels and so much peace. Just one thing - the wooden cottages among the wilds also come with the insects and reptiles about which you can't complain. You signed for it!
This day was about exploring the night life of the place. And trust me, the whole place is very different during the day and the night. According to me, it is a perfect place - eat the best during the day and then party at the most happening place during the night.
Phi Don has completely different areas - all within the same vicinity. You can go to the main market place where you have all the cafes and shops and pubs. Then there is the Tonsai passenger pier which has got beautiful and peaceful dinner places which close by 10 at night. And finally, there is the beach side where the most talked about 'neon parties' take place.
The next day was dedicated to island hoping and exploring the night life even more.
It was on this day that I realized that these groups of islands resemble elephants - some sitting, some standing and some doing their own silly things! And then, I couldn't stop clicking them. The most mesmerizing pictures came out during this island hoping tour. The island hoping was a more personalized tour on long tail boats which could accommodate 7 people on board. And opting for this tour rather than the usual speed boat Tours was the best decision ever!
The tour coasted us 1000 TBH (INR 2000 approx. Per person and the 'sailor' would take us to places that we could cover in six hours. We made sure that we made the best out of those six hours!
The sea is furious and trust me, it seems scarier in a long tail boat!
Our first stop was the Bamboo Island, which is a preserved and restricted entry island. The entry fee is TBH 400. We made our stop somewhere around it, in the middle of the sea, where the divers among us decided to go for snorkeling and diving to enjoy the deep sea life!
After that we sailed towards the Laem Tong beach, which is again the characteristically fine white sand and clear blue water beach. This was the place where I dived into the sea, with a life jacket on, of course. I hate to say but I am scared of water. I so wish I was not!
After relaxing in the sea(literally) and in the sun, we headed towards the shark point.
When you traverse from one island to another, you will come across certain private beaches as well - completely secluded and beautiful - place where you would want to live for sometime!
The shark point is an amazing place for snorkeling. Though this place is named after the leopard shark but you might not be able to locate any. However, this is a place for some pretty soft corals and different species of reef fishes. And these are super hungry and friendly reef fishes. You dip your finger in the sea, with no fish in site, and hundreds of fishes swiftly swim towards you mistaking your finger to be food.
This was one of my cutest experience ever. Given the fact how much I fear water, this was certainly too big for me - standing stagnant, somewhere in the middle of the sea, on a rickety boat, not knowing what creature might pop up from anywhere.
The next stop was the Monkey Island. As the name suggests, one would expects monkeys there.
I was expecting an usual beach - white sand, blue waters - with the usual jungles but with wild monkeys roaming around. This island is no where near this description. It doesn't have a proper beach. You anchor your boat near the island and then you can hear some noise which is pleasantly unpleasantly. And it is rhythmically aligned with the sound of the waves. I personally had no clue what is happening. And then I realized, oh, I am at the Monkey Island. And that is me, more shocked than surprised after I spotted the monkeys.
So, this place is scary and I don't know how scary it might get at the night. Dense jungles surrounded by water all around and inhabited by the closest cousin of the human species - that is scary, if you ask me! But everything aside, this place is indeed beautiful. Beautiful is rather an understatement.
Finally, we proceeded towards the Viking Caves. Our stoppage here was of very short duration, because the boat wala bhaiya was very tired by now. You can not go inside the caves, but the internet will tell you that the cave walls have paintings of the Viking ships and thus they get this name. The Swiftlet's nests are harvested here for human consumption. And it tuns out that this is one of the most expensive animal product consumed around the world! Edible nests - strange, right?
And finally, we stopped at the nearby Pileh Bay. To say the least, this place is picturesque. I have never seen anything so amazing and peaceful. Even now when I sit to write this, I am surprised at the miracle of nature. Pileh Bay is a completely calm bay, somewhere in the turbulent and wild Andaman Sea, surrounded by huge chunks of limestone from all the sides. This place will send you to a state of complete ignorance and trance as you enjoy the green limestone walls and the emerald bay of the Andaman Sea!
And that is how this island hopping tour on the long tail boat ended.
Did I mention that this place is a food lover's paradise? No food option is going to disappoint you here. The papaya Salad is of course a must try. The signature Pad Thai Noodles with the Massaman is a delight. Ending your meal with the sticky rice or the Monster Ice creams will leave you food high - for goo. I just described my lunch to you!
After the hearty meal, we retired to our cottages to catch up some sleep. In the evening we decided to explore the beach party scenes. Though none of us was in a mood to have a wild party or anything but then again, when in Roman, do as the Romans do! It was wilder than I expected and I certainly had some very weird experiences of my life there! I really don't like the idea of doing completely dangerous stuff, like playing with fire, when under the effect of any kind of drug. But I did enjoy my stay at these parties - not to mention, super short stays!
The next morning was about watching the sunrise. I was not expecting something amazing because yes, I have seen too many beach sunrises. Just when I thought that I was done with the beauty of Phi, this group of island proved me wrong.
I started to hike towards the view point at around five in the morning. The hike was an easy one and takes around 30 to 40 minutes to reach the view point. I reached there and was wondering what should I do next!
And then, there was this breathtaking view! The perfectly H- shaped Phi Don. I was left speechless. I was too mesmerized to say anything!
Mountains make me wonder that I am too insignificant in this world. Sea make me realize the same. The calmness of the Pileh Bay was my drug. It made me meet myself - breathing in the air and breathing out all my worries. The sunrise point made me realize how important it is to not to worry about the path when the destination is too beautiful. The night parties made me see that it's okay if different people have different drugs to get their high in life!
With so many beautiful memories of this place, my stay at Phi Island came to an end.

Ankit bhardwaj

Ankit bhardwaj

1 reviewPosted 3 years ago

We visited Pattaya and Bangkok, The both are Good for nightlife and parties, shopping at Bangkok but

In Pattaya Must go to Noong Nooch Village lots of activities are there, go and get the entry to Sri Racha Tiger Zoo. In Bangkok the most amazing thing is SkyBar at Biosky hotel. Must visit chaophraya dinner cruise and reserve a full day for Safari world and a full day for shopping must visit patpong market, Chatuchak Weekend Markets and Indira square. For clothing light clothing are recommended.

Kushal Kamra

Kushal Kamra

37 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Thai Diairies

It was a group trip with my friend and had an awesome time exploring Thailand. It’s monasteries, picturesque beaches were a visual treat. The Thai Massage and the Scuba at Koh Phi were a sure highlight.

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Shweta Shrishail

Shweta Shrishailratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

6 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Bangkok and Pattaya

Best places to visit in Thailand. If you have more than 10 days, you can add Phuket or Kraby. Phi island is another option but more suited for couples. Friends or rather visit Bangkok and Pattaya. Best for a shopping destination and amazing sea food cuisine. Do not miss the Tussauds museums and safari at Bangkok.

Sonam Singh

Sonam Singhratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

3 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Romantic Thailand

I have been to Krabi and Bangkok in Thailand, awesome place. We visited the Railay ( Phra Nang Cave) beach, Chicken island, Poda Island & Tup Island in Krabi. We did Snorkeling near Tup island &Chicken Island, awesome experience. Then we visited Krabi night market, here you can find people enjoying shopping, eating, music & having fun late night in the market. You can find good things at reasonable prices. I would surely recommend others to visit Krabi. In Bangkok we have the city tour, very clean and beautiful city.

Varun khanna

Varun khannaratingratingratingratingratingrating3.9/5

13 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Good Experience

It was around 3 years back when we visited Thailand. It was the month of May only and we had planned the trip for 6 days New Delhi to Bangkok : It was a 4 and a half hour flight. Ours was a night flight, so it was a bit terrifying as there was rain and lightning. Overcoming all this, our plane reached the skies of Bangkok and soon we landed at around 12:30 in night and reached our hotel in Prathunam Area at around 1:15 am Day 1 : At 9:30 in the morning we reached for our breakfast, which was a buffet in the hotel. Then, we got ready and proceeded for Chatuchak market in a cab. Its basically a flea market, but yes there things which you can buy as gifts. Things to eat here are Thai only. I could not eat them as I was missing Indian food. What I had here was coconut icecream, which was the best. After that I got my sim recharged from Nine Eleven Store. I got the sim from Bangkok airport for free. Nine Eleven are departmental stores are spread all over Thailand and you can get everything from these stores In the evening we hired a cab and went for Terminal 21 mall. It was a very good mall. But you have little things to eat when you come out of the mall as Mc Donalds prepares local things and only thing we had was french fries Day 2 : On the 2nd day, we planned our trip to Wat Arun and Wat Pho which are Buddhist temples separated by a river and the steamer costs very reasonable amount for to and fro. Actually these were at a distance from Pratunam Area but were a nice outing with good things to eat and buy After returning from there in the afternoon we had Indian food in Pratunam Area. There are many Indian restaurants in the area. We had dal makhni and paneer In the evening we bought some clothes from a nearby market. In case you have Indian currency, don't worry as there are many exchange shops in the vicinity Day 3: We were confused on third day, whether to go to Safari World or Floating Market. We opted for Safari World and hired a taxi for it. Here we committed a mistake as we were charged around 2500 bhats for the same as taxi man got big commission in that. In case we had booked directly from site it would have costed us around 800-1000 bhats. Safari world is a zoo, but its a good pastime. You can spend your whole day here. Food is costly inside the safari world. Anyway, in the evening we returned and again roamed around the Pratunam area and had some food and planned for our next day Day 4: On Fourth Day, we went to bus station and got tickets for Pattaya. Its one hour journey from Bangkok to Pattaya. But its a worth one. Pattaya is a place where you will feel that you have come abroad. Nice beaches along the hills and all. Great atmosphere The best thing here is Pattaya is that, the transportation is available on sharing basis and hence is not costly as compared to Bangkok Ours was a great hotel with an like room. We really enjoyed our stay. It had all the amenities including swimming pool and a lavish buffet served near swimming pool area. There is a Fortuner which is used as pick and drop as you arrive and leave the Hotel In the evening we roamed around the area and after some search we went to Jotting Beach. Spent some time over there. The atmosphere is electrifying In the night as we came back we had a pizza from a nearby shop Day 5: On the fifth day, we had a lavish buffet at the nearby pool. And proceeded to Walking Street. Spent some time over there and returned to a nearby beach and enjoyed some water sports Later we had lunch at Shere-Punjab Restaurant. It is costly but having good ambience. There are many sikh families who have migrated to Thailand and were very happy In the evening we bought some breads and eatables from nine eleven and made food for ourselves in the kitchen of our room

Amitabh Bhatnagar

Amitabh Bhatnagarratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

6 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Buddha's residence

Friends . If you are planning trip in November or December this is the place to be. I have booked this trip in advance . Costing around 35000 per person . Visa is on arrival and one needs to carry atleast 1000 bhatts approximately 1000 rupees for 4 days trip. Ecnomical isn't so lets start the journey to Buddha's own place we took early morning jet airways flight to Bankok from Delhi. Which is always recommended to take early morning flight. And reached Bankok in afternoon after all visa formalities completed in approximately 2 hours. We headed to Pattaya which is 2 and half hrs drive from bankok. Pattaya is a beautiful countryside near sea . Enjoyed fried chicken kfc types in mere 40 bhatts. Yummy in the morning our tour operators took us to coral islands . Most beautiful beach. In midway we did para sailing and scuba diving . One can enjoy all water sports at coral islands. And they are cheap too. Wow . Awesome experience. Places one can visit in Pattaya. Gems gallery. Ripley believe it or not. Pattaya glitters at night . Take tuk and enjoy the ride. The best part is people over their keep city clean. You will definitely fall in love with Pattaya . 3 day stay is recommended to explore whole of Pattaya over to bankok. Unlike Pattaya . Bankok is cosmopolitan city. Cars . Jams . But no horns. We stayed in grand pullman. The staff was courteous and Hotel great. Must visit local market and Goldan Buddha's temple. The icing on the cake is chao paraya cruise costing just 2300 rupees per person. Wine and dine. With great music. You will definitely thank me after that experience lolz. Overall Thailand is a enchanting country with something for everyone enjoy the ride folks until I explore some unexplored places Happy journey.

  • Buddha's residence
  • Buddha's residence
  • Buddha's residence
  • Buddha's residence

Santosh Damodarapatruni

Santosh Damodarapatruniratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 5 years ago

Awesome place to plan your honeymoon

I have been to Pattaya and Bangkok in Thailand. Pattaya is one of the top most tourist coastal area. It is a wonderful place for newly married couple. There are so many places to visit like walking Street, coral island. Floating market etc in Pattaya . City tour and ancient temples and safari world in Bangkok.

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