Tokyo Ratings & Reviews

Vinay aravind satish lingireddy

Vinay aravind satish lingireddyratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Foreign friendly Tokyo

Unbelievably friendly Tokyo was. Tokyoiities bent over backwards ( literally) to help foreigners . . Everything was a breeze through. Transport. Tickets. Tourist places. Restaurants. Theatres. Didn't find it hard to access them. This is how our major cities would look like in the future. Efficient. Clean. Punctual. Obedient. Respectful. Tokyo sets a benchmark for all Asian cities for how to integrate culture and modernism. City planners need to learn a lot from this city of how to manage a city with the population of a small country 39 million. Put this city and country on your bucket list. The food is amazing. You've to tweak a bit of your taste towards Japanese cuisine just to see how wonderful the food was. Their culture was excellently similar to ours or was in the past as I gathered from the Kabuki performance.

Plabita Borthakur

Plabita Borthakurratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

6 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Crazy Tokyo!

Tokyo is a crazy city! I'd gone to attend the Tokyo International Film Festival and I thought I won't get time to see around but when I reached I was like I have to see this city. Amazing public transport, every little corner is connected. Must check out Shibuya crossing, the busiest crossing ever. Super crowded but super clean. The city is super alive. Especially at places like Roppongi, Shinjuku and Shibuya! The lights in the city are unbelievably beautiful, the nights are super colorful.

Sanjay Desai

Sanjay Desairatingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

33 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Beautiful locations to explore

This is one of the safest destination of the universe one can visit in Indian summer ie May & June are the good months to visit. Tokyo has the beautiful sightseeing location which include but not limited to Asakusa (The shrine), The sky tree & the Tokyo tree. The other must visit location is the Tokyo palace & the bonsai garden which has very old & nicely maintained bonsai trees.

The local food here is mainly seafood, noodles & the rice. The people who love sea for them japan is the destination. Tofu is for veggies a dish made up of soya. The chain of shops which sells electronic goods called Akiabara is the place where you can shop till you drop.

The activities which can keep one busy is shopping, sight seeing & in addition to the sight seeing locations I mentioned above there are other country side locations like Kyoto, Odakyu & Mount Fuji which can be covered by staying in Japan.

The advice for travellers is if you are vivid traveller please do not miss this country. People here do not know English but are always ready to help. Our Indian concept atithi devo bhav is being in practice by them. Travel by train here is very easy & most convenient. People should take a ride of shinkansen ( bullet train). Its worth experiencing it.

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharmaratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

4 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Official Tour to Japan

I went on an official tour to Japan for a week. I went in March - right before the cherries blossom, I wish I could be late by 2-3 weeks to see the cherries blossom Anyways, One must not miss the Tokyo Skytree - The 2nd Tallest Tower in the world. You get an awesome view of the entire city from some 600m above ground. The airspeed lift will take you up but you will feel the air pressure in your ears.

Bhat Waheed

Bhat Waheedratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

3 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

An amazing experience!

Oh my god what a place. The place was awesome so nice so beautiful and gorgeous I fell love with the place. I never see this type of place. The people of Tokyo was humble and respect the outside people. I enjoyed the weekend of July in Tokyo in Japan all people go there and smell the beauty. I will go there once more and more. I never see the place like this. What a place. I could not reach the place amazing place go there and live the life. This email address and password to anyone who wants to be able to get the best 50 the UKRAINE the same time as the first time in the UK. I have been a while. The may be unlawful. If you are a bit. I'm a little while, so that we have the same as for my first day at a glance, but 888777 the UK. I have been a long way. It

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Rakesh Vankayala

Rakesh Vankayalaratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

15 reviewsPosted July 2015

Memorable Tokyo

I enjoyed a lot in Tokyo. Japan had lot many schemes to attaract tourists and houses many tourist attractions. Its really worth visiting the country . Don't miss a ride of Shinkansen and Resort shimakari . People are well mannered, systematic and very helpful. Though language is a problem but still we can manage. Learn numbers so that its easy when you go for shopping . I stayed for 3 months as its a business trip

Akash  Pandey

Akash Pandeyratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted February 2015

A peaceful place

It is a good place . If you will ever go to Tokyo . You must visit Shibuya which is a place located in Tokyo It is an awesome place for enjoying holidays. Its a place where everyone can spent time with their famillies or with a group of friends It is a place wher couples can also spent their time peacefully.

Prasenjit Dasgupta

Prasenjit Dasguptaratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

10 reviewsPosted September 2012

The Land of the rising sun, some work and lots of fun

Japan the land of Samurai, Cherries, Technology and Fun, an awesome country to be in Wakari Mashida is the greeting you hear when you meet the fair complexioned warm hearted Japanese for who courtesey and respect is a way of life. Super clean streets, non polluting vehicles and super fast trains greet s you to an awesome experience in Japan.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Ropangi Hills, Shinjuku, Mitaka, Central Tokyo the list goes on and on

Activities & things to do: Sea Bus, Video games, Shopping, Dining out gambling, the list is too long

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Just keep your eyes open as most sign boards are in Japanese

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