Do's and don'ts while visiting Venice: traveller tips and tricks - HolidayIQ

Venice Tips


  • Do master the il bacetto- the  kiss on the cheek. This is the way that Italians greet people. 
  • Do learn a little Italian: it will help you find your way around on the canals and hearts of Venice.
  • Do dress well while dining out.
  • Do keep the meal times in mind, particularly the lunch timing because most restaurants and bars shut in the afternoon. 
  • Do be patient when you go shopping


  • Don’t dress inappropriately when visiting the churches; shoulders and knees should be covered for men and women both.
  • Don’t become an annoyance to the locals: by being too loud or obtrusive. 
  • Don’t praise other parts of Italy or the world too much.
  • Don’t be insensitive towards regional sensibilities.
  • Don’t assume that you have to pay after your drink at a bar. Most of them prefer that you pay right after you place an order.